UK Shutdown vs Business Needs

Good morning, all. With the current pandemic crisis closing down businesses and delaying shipping, will Modiphius still be doing normal release schedule stuff? I understand that nothing is going to be sent out, and I totally understand that, but I’m curious if we’ll still be able to faux “pre-order” the Maxson and Order of the Shield packs on 4/10 (I’m assuming, second Fri in April).

I don’t want to sound like I’m being callous or uncaring about the current world situation - I have plenty to paint and I’m not so much concerned about even getting the product any time soon. I just want to make sure that Modiphius has funds coming in because this is one of my top 3 gaming companies & I want to keep offering my financial support and one can only buy so many PDFs. I haven’t even received my 3/13 stuff yet (I remember reading OCS was way behind or something) but after my wife browsed through the catalog, I got a lot of “why don’t you have any of these yet?” questions so that was basically a green light to throw my wallet at the screen.

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I am also happy to support Modiphius by keeping my miniatures orders on pace with releases. I already purchased some PDFs I was on the fence whether to buy or not for this reason.

However, they now work from an inventory rather than pre-order model and I’m sure their production/shipments are slowing to a crawl/stopping…so releases may be delayed until that have their inventory stocked.

Right, that’s why I referred to it as a faux pre-order - I know they use an on-hand model now but since they won’t be able to fulfill anything until sometime in May, it’s functionally the same thing. I know there are some manufacturers still producing though, even if they’re working with a skeleton crew, so it was mostly just curiosity. They’ve just received more of the NV courier (which may be the last batch for a while) so I would suspect, at least in the case of Maxson and the Order, that the product is already created and physically available, pending the release and the ability to ship.


I’m the same. I preordered a bit each month back before the initial release of the game. Any current delays are not their fault, and as such I’ll keep ordering as things are released so long as my financial situation stays stable. And as of right now, short of me getting sick there’s no indication that my income is going to be significantly impacted by any of this. Bring on the Enclave and NCR!


I don’t have the income to keep up with orders unfortunately, but I’ve tried to stay active on here and Facebook groups (in the hopes that active discussions encourage and support the game in general). If there’s anything else I can do though then I’d be happy to, Modiphius have been great at offering support and communicating with players for as long as I’ve been following the game

Indicators are starting to surface that this whole thing is nowhere near as bad as we have been lead to believe. If that proves to be true, then we should bounce back from all of this fairly quickly. Any major crash like this has historically been followed by a massive economic boom.

I think the best we can do is keep working on your miniatures, talk about it to keep interest in the game high, then invest in the game again when things turn around and get better again.


Unfortunately my income issues are brexit related (not trying to start anything here, people are welcome to support it if they want, just sucks for those of us whose careers depended on access to EU facilities and services/the EU’s trade deals with Japan), so are likely to continue for as long as I live in my home country. Still, been using the isolation to start practising German, as I’m not ready to give up on my dreams yet!

Working on the miniatures I’ve got, plus continuing to talk about it, are definitely things I can do though :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that. I’m curious though how moving to Germany could help.

Anyway, good luck with learning German! If you need help you can ask.

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I’m also in a position to build up a nice block of orders for Modiphius to have waiting for them. So I’d be happy if the release schedule carried on as planned.

Although I can see there being reasons why that might not happen. It depends on the situation of the sculptors and moulders and probably a tonne of other people I don’t know about!

And I can’t agree more about the support we get from them for this game, it has been fantastic :+1:

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It’s a bit complicated to explain, but in general it comes down to access to tech, access to other researchers, and access to databases (I’ll put a tldr at the bottom).

In the lab I was last working at, it was super eclectic. At one point I was using spare packaging peanuts to insulate a banged up rotating field generator, so that it could generate fields I needed without heat interfering with readings from a laser I was using (which was itself duct taped into position). We also had some bleeding edge tech though, such as a thermal imaging system on loan from the Dutch military. Once the UK left the EU (and it’s highest level of defence cooperation, such as the Galileo satellites), we had to give systems like that back.

In terms of access to researchers, the UK government has said it wants to put red tape in place on things like freedom of movement and collaboration. This makes it harder for UK scientists to be involved with international projects, or to share ideas and work with other scientists in their field (the species I was working with have populations in Belgium, Denmark, and Norway, so collaborating with them was key).

In terms of databases, my field of study relies heavily on access to genetic data. I would get this data from the main EU database (which was based in London, but has of course been moved) and the main Japanese databse. The EU and Japan give each other free access to their genetic databases as part of their current trade agreements, but Japan has said it’s not interested in giving the UK access (since the UK doesn’t have an equivalent database to offer).

Moving to anywhere that’s a part of the EU would pretty much fix all of those problems instantly. As for why German in particular, it’s partly because the language is spoken in a number of different parts of Europe, but also because Germany has so many leading scientific institutes and laboratories. Germany is also expected to get almost €20billion worth of additional science funding from the EU over the next few years, on top of its own national level science fund, so it’s really looking like the place to be for science.

Tldr: Isolationism isn’t great for something that relies on collaboration.

Also, I’m not at all trying to mean this as a post where I’m telling people to be against brexit, this is just an attempt at explaining why it’s not been so good for me personally. I realise that most people do not work in the field I do (or rather, did until recently), and that these things will have no effect on most peoples lives. If you do happen to support brexit, I would still just as happily call you my mate and treat you as I do anyone else, as at the end of the day we’re all just trying to go about our lives peacefully :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve literally only just started (Spanish and French were what I studied at school), but it’d be great to chat with you about it :slight_smile: Do you have any ways of private messaging (ie, social media)?


I wish we could write PMs here, but it looks like this forum doesn’t support that. Do you have Discord or Reddit? I have Facebook as well, but I don’t want to make that public :sweat_smile:

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@Alaiteir - why don’t you join the German FWW tabletop group? Lot’s of possibilites to get to know german speaking fans :slight_smile:


@Banquo I don’t have either of those, but could quickly create a Reddit account or something to message you and exchange facebook names if that’d work? :slight_smile:

@Olli There a loads of great pictures on there! I followed it a while back but just realised I forgot to turn notifications on, so wasn’t seeing the posts…


Yes, that’d work! Can you post your account name here and I contact you? After all it’d be your throwaway account, while I still use mine regularly and have lots of info there.

That reminds me: The subreddit r/Germany often has people asking how to apply for citizenship or how to work in Germany, because apparently that can be complicated. There’re many people who moved to Germany before and know this stuff; better than most native Germans.

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Dude - you should chat with people, not look at the nice pictures :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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The proper way to say is is: “You should chat with people AND look at the nice pictures.” :wink:

@Banquo I’ve made a post in the Deutsche Fallout Wasteland Warfare Gruppe, same images as here, so that might be the easiest way to find me :slight_smile:

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Gatekeeper: I wanted to close ANY loopholes for evading to speak :smiley:


It’s a waiting game. I also don’t have the money to keep up with releases. I spent the money that I had on the Elder Scrolls Call to Arms pre-order and having to spend more money on shopping because of the panic buying of others in the current situation has also not helped.

At some point, everything will get back to some sense of normality. In the meantime, there are loads of Fallout Wasteland Warfare battle reports that I still haven’t watched on the official You Tube channel and I still have all my regular work to do from home, so I hope that all this will mean that this isolation will pass quickly.

@Alaiteir - Brexit is also very bad for me for a whole range of reasons, so I empathise.

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I’m thinking of getting a 3d printer sooner or later.

Maybe if the production of resin models stops, we can have some more STL files and other digital goodies.