Proposition: Direct purchase single models

This is more for the Modiphius team than anything but would you guys consider selling individual models?

Say, for example, I wanted 6 Legion Mongrels, currently, I’d have to buy 3 copies of Caesar’s Legion Veteran Wave costing around $100 to get them and end up with extra miniatures I might not want.
But what if there was a way to buy direct from Moiphius that allowed me to buy the 6 Mongrels for say $35-$40 and packaged in a regular cardboard box like you guys already do with Liberty Prime or the Mirelurk Queen?

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They have trialled that with a couple of minis, think one was Hammer. Not sure if it was market pressure or production that they didn’t expand it out.

I remember seeing the resin versions of the Starter set models on the main site, and they do still have Ghouls and Mole Rats sold separately.

I just wish more sprues were available as print-on-demand.

Its a tricky one. On the one hand I get that no one wants to buy multiples of the same set to get specific figures but on the other its a huge extra logistical process and our factory is not the same facility or company as the store/shipping, so sending out bespoke orders would be a whole new layer of … fun…

So, currently no plans. We trialled is with the two figures from the 2P set and the response wasn’t spectacular in terms of take up. It also would have to be a direct only item shipped in generic packaging so it has a very limited reach vs something we can put into retail.

Never say never, but don’t hold your breath.