Custom Miniature Pack Possibilities

What does everyone think about custom miniature packs?

By this I mean we chose which preexisting models we want and then can order them in a pack direct from Modiphius.
(Not forcing Modiphius to make the random half baked model ideas some of us have bouncing around inside our heads)

For example:
I chose a Mr. Handy, the T-45 PA suit with the mini gun, a Raider Scavver, and a Feral Ghoul.
Modiphius then throws these models in a box and they are shipped to my house.

This would let us get certain models or duplicates of ones we already have without having to rebuy whole boxes.

Understandably this pack would cost more than the existing ones since it would require more packing and processing time but would give us the option to get just the models we want.

I think this idea is possible and would definitely be easier for Modiphius to pull off than other miniatures companies whose models come 5+ to a sprue.

Does anyone else think this is a decent idea or do you think it would be more trouble then it’s worth?

It’d probably be more trouble than it’s worth. I like the idea but I’d imagine they cast miniatures by set and you’d end up with surplus stock you can’t move, example the danse and eyebot pack.
Eyebots would probably be popular but danse being unique there wouldn’t be as much demand.

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Honestly, its a logistical nightmare.

As noted above, some models will be more popular than others.

It will be easier for things cast in house as we do one mould per model, wheras our 3rd party factory casts per set, so we’d be doing the production of a full pack and then likely wasting 2/3 of it.

We are looking at ways to boost the value of sets and encourage repurchase (swappable heads and hands for example) as its honestly really hard to get any margin out of short run product and sadly margin keeps the company lights on.

There may be the odd model here and there that gets a direct only single showing, but that effort and production bandwidth is better spent on larger, more viable product.

It sucks that we have to play the money card, but as much as passion projects are fun, they also have to be carefully weighed against costly errors.


I fully expected it to come down to margins / money and that’s perfectly fine because you guys are trying to make a profit and keep the doors open.

I assumed since the models all come on their own sprues that they could be printed on demand relatively easily. But if the normal practice is to print them together by set then my idea is terrible lol.

Swappable heads and hands\weapons would be awesome and also make my idea redundant since then consuemrs would have a reason to rebuy boxes.

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