Mirelurk Queen tease

For those who have Facebook, Jon posted this quick video of the new BoS kits they’re working on, with a scary surprise along the edge (worth putting sound on for this one!).

I tried ripping the video for those who don’t have facebook, but can’t seem to upload video’s to this post…

Is this video located anywhere else besides Facebook? They have the group as private (why would you make marketing materials private?) and reactivating a Facebook account for a minis game sounds like a horrible plan.


It’s not intended as a full advertisement, more of a community teaser.

It doesn’t really show anything. Only the boxes for the Maxxon and Order of the Shield sets - too small to see any real details - with the top portion of the MIrelurk Queen edging in from the right side while the jaws them plays. 10-15 second video. I think all the miniatures have already been previewed in more detail long ago, although not painted as in the box art.

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Is the order of the Shield set just the Knight Tech and Scribe? Or are there additional models in the set?

From the pics it’s 2 T-60s and a Scribe.

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That’s fantastic news! No such thing as too much power armor!

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I think it because of the stupidity of the fact your group can be shut down if there is just 1 idiot in there falsely accusing the same group in a short duration as many hobby sites suffered from