Upcoming Brotherhood of Steel

Saw these over on discord a little bit ago, thought people here might like seeing these as well:

fallout-wasteland-warfare-brotherhood-of-steel-elder-maxon-and-captain-kells fallout-wasteland-warfare-brotherhood-of-steel-elder-maxon-and-captain-kells2 fallout-wasteland-warfare-brotherhood-of-steel-order-of-the-shield

I’m going to guess that since there’s only two three model sets, that we’re going to see something else next month as well. Probably the turrets we got cards for and/or the shelving they’ve been showing off for a while now.


By posts on the FB group it’s only 2 kits next month. Could be another printer file they release as well, I’m sure there’s been a post that something exciting is coming for those that like to 3D print.

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Have they been announcing everything over on Facebook? I’ve been under the impression that they’re teasing 2-3 products, then releasing a “surprise” along side it.

For example, this month we got Unusual Allies, Vault Dwellers, and T-51 that they had previously announced. But then they gave us the GM screen as a sort of “surprise.”

Given that we have a card for a heavy laser turret with this wave, and we’ve seen sculpts for a couple of additional turrets, I’d think it is likely we’ll see the models for them sooner rather than later.