More ESCTA Stls

Any plans on adding more STLs? The tower is really cool but my printer wants more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i was wondering this same thing. For those of us with 3d printers, it is the most affordable option in the long run. I would love the Barrows and other terrain available as files.

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There is more planned yes.

We’ve taken on a full time 3D sculptor exclusively for print at home work, but I want to make sure we offer a full package (pre set up, tested prints set to sensible sizes) so I’m getting that all prepped before we start dropping new sets.

We’ve got several Fallout sets done, and there will be The Elder Scrolls releases in time also.


This sounds exciting.

Do you mean there are more Fallout sets on the way? Or are you referring to the ones already released?

There are several approved and awaiting the new setup process, with several others in sculpting.

I’ll be hot swapping with TES lines as we move forward.

So, plenty to come for sure and what we have already is pretty darn cool (though I am of course biased).


Exciting news! Very glad more Fallout stl sets are on the way too. Any idea when we can get a sneak peek at those sets? Or even a clue as to what they will be?:sunglasses:

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I would guess they are the settlement structures, as they said we will get missions to battle within our own settlements

I don’t want to showcase anything until I know its in final prep so we don’t get the massive delays that frustrate people.

I’m hoping the first set will be next month, but it may be the month after as we are adding the extra (necessary) steps of setting up, test printing and photography to give a better customer experience rather than throw up the base STLs and leave folks to figure it out themselves.

Set one is a new batch of themed items to create a very specific region of FO4, and will give some clues as to what is likely to be coming in late 2022 or early 2023.

Other sets will be a mix of themed sets, generic set dressing and complete terrain pieces which will hopefully give me some good feedback on what folks want to see more of, but also give plenty of options for you all to build a better wasteland.


Sounds great can’t say I am not hyped. Time to get more resin

I know this is probably a bit too niche…. But personally I would LOVE to have a dual sided Elder Scrolls themed coin STL that I could paint gold/grey to be my VP counters. As my sausage fingers and the worlds smallest tokens just don’t really mix. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And a set of the flame templates that I could do in a fancy red iridescent resin would be awesome as well….

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I would love some more terrain stls.

Otter stuff that would be neat VP scoreboard, character boards that hold the character card and equipment, maybe some rangefinders with elderscrolls theme.

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