Miniatures from the Fallout 76 PowerArmor edition game bundle

Most of the photos I’ve seen are too small / low detail to make out what’s what.
I’d expect most of the mini’s here are going to be low quality plastic, just for the S&G’s of having plastic mini’s included… and they may or may not actually be in-scale with FOWW.

BUT I’m wondering if anyone has any idea of what they are (expecting a variety of humans, mutant creatures, possibly super mutants & hounds, and dogs.)

I’d like to to find/build a list in the next couple weeks and see where things go :wink:

The figures are horrible, or comedic if that’s the way you want to think of it.

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I’m going with comedic intent, as they look on par with Dollar Store army men.


OOOOH well :frowning:

Maybe cut them off the base and use heat to reshape them to use as dead bodies? Would make for thematic search tokens.

Trying to think of some use for them.

Going to commit a bit of thread necromancy rather than post a new thread for this.

I was wondering if anyone had gotten these? And if so, is there any chance we can get a picture with a side by side comparison between these and the Wasteland Warfare miniatures?

Looking at the bundles selling on ebay, I can see up to three Mr Handy and two Potectrons in some bags. And there’s several other models that look like they have the potential to be usable.

Does anyone around here actually have these? And if so, how do they scale beside the Wasteland Warfare models? And just as importantly, is the quality passable, or are they really bad?

I found an unboxing video that actually showed the models in a bit more detail. From what I am seeing, it looks like there are 3 Protectrons, 3 Mr Handy models, 3 each of the male and female Vault Dweller, and two of the Ghoul that look usable if the size is right. Maybe the bat thing, . . . . but I haven’t been able to force myself to play 76 yet, so I don’t know how it scales with the rest of it. The rest of the bundle looks like junk to me, but I’d need a closer look to pass judgement for sure.

So, I found a really cheap bundle on ebay and ordered them up in the hopes that the scale would look good, and if so I’d have a couple of cheap Mr Handy models at the very least. Got the package today, opened it up, and placed a few of the Wasteland Warfare models beside them to show how everything scales.

I think at a glance you can see the size differences.

The protectrons are a bit bigger and much stockier. The Mr Handy models aren’t even in the same neighborhood. Not sure if someone would want to use them for a special model in the game or anything like that, but at least now you know what you’re getting in to.

The Super Mutants are probably the closest in scale when it comes to living creature models. Given that you have Super Mutants who are massive Behemoths, down to the size of the model I pictured with these, I could picture someone making use of one or more of these as special characters, but I don’t think I’ll be doing so.

The rest of the models, the size is even further off, so I didn’t even bother snapping a picture of them.

Overall the quality isn’t bad. If I had to sum the models up in one word, it would be “Sturdy” which probably isn’t a good indicator given what we’d be using them for. They’re stocky, better detail than your typical “Army Man” plastic toy, though not by a lot. Mold lines are faint and I actually had to look for them before I noticed them, and I saw no flashing on any of the models.

3x Mr Handy
3x Protectron
3x Male Survivor
3x Female Survivor
3x Power Armor
2x Ghoul
2x Mole person?
2x Super Mutant w/minigun
2x Super Mutant w/o weapon.
1x Bat thing.

I’m chalking this purchase up as a learning experience and dropping them into my kids’ toybox. As soon as my kids saw the bag of models, they fell in love with them, so at least that counts for something.

Hope someone finds this helpful.


Would you mind posting a pic of the power armor comparison? I didn’t think it’d be usable in game as a character but I was thinking of maybe getting a set to make some destroyed armor terrain and maybe an armor in a cage searchable.

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I suppose you could try to piecemeal the model and use parts for something, but to me it looks much too large compared to the official models. If you were to part it out a little bit, the size differences probably wouldn’t be so obvious though.

Hope the image helps. I tossed in the regular people too since they were sitting together on the table.

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Dang, yeah, way to big for what I was thinking. Thanks for posting it! I’ll just have to suck it up and buy another goddard to cut up. Unless Modiphius wants to add it to their list of future objective markers???

Slagged power armor with the radio beacon would be a good objective.

There are perks to getting an extra starter box. You get quite a few extra models that can be used, extra cards, tokens, dice, extra map, extra rule books, . . . . what’s not to love?

The core box only has four “Uniques,” Sole Survivor, Aviator, Goddard, and Dogmeat. Dogmeat even has a “Dog” card available through another set to make it usable as a non-unique model. In other words, if you need the extra power armor model, there are worse ways to do it. :wink:

Also, not sure if this helps or not. If you know someone with a 3D printer, this might work for you:

A fellow gamer who I met recently was kind enough to print one out for me and it looks fantastic.

You can see the picture I took of the one I received through this link: