Far Harbor hopes and expectations?

We’ve probably all heard about the campaign boxes they have planned for the add-ons related to Fallout 4. I was wondering what people are hoping to see in that content?

For myself, a wishlist would be:

Old Longfellow
Kasumi Nakano
Captain Avery
The Mariner
Allen Lee
High Confessor Tektus
Grand Zealot Brian Richter

Harbormen (Give is a little four model set like you did with the Minutemen. Even if they just use the “Settler” stats, they would still add some nice visual verity.)
Trappers (Maybe 3 rank and file, one leader of some sort. Two variants each for the rank and file figures and one leader for a “Core” set?)
Children of the Atom (Do another core set variant. Even if there’s only 2-3 stat variants, it would be nice to have 3-4 different models to display.)

Creatures: (PLEASE, two variants of each. Visual verity is a big deal to many modelers. Might get away with one for the Fog Crawler and Hermit Crab, but the rest we’d like options for.)
Fog Crawler
Hermit Crab (Those big ones in the vehicles.)

Other stuff:
Vim! soda machine
Fog Condensers
Maybe a Far Harbor Terrain set to include the above and a few other items that would fit the theme?

Also, we might not need new models for some things, but cards for new versions of existing critters would be nice. For example, Fog Ghoul cards would be great as it would allow us to use existing ghouls in that capacity if we wanted (Though I wouldn’t say no to more than the three Ghoul models we have right now either.) A card for a Bloodrage Mirelurk would also be nice. I’m sure there are more, but those are all that come to mind off hand.

What would everyone else like to see? Anyone have ideas that I haven’t thought of? Please share!

Also, thoughts on quests? I thought I’d seen it mentioned a couple of times that they had a campaign built around the Mirelurks. Does that imply we might see some additional Mirelurk models? Or perhaps the ones we have seen will be part of that box set?

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As for my expectations:
What I actually expect we will see is:
Old Longfellow.
DiMA (I can picture him being a preorder bonus.)
Three major characters from the rest of the “Uniques” list above.
4-6 Trappers figures
One version each of the listed Creatures.
Vim! machine.


I do look forward to Far Harbor, it is meant to be one of the next big expansions (lots of lurks yay!)

I’d hope that the bigger kits they could go more multi-part with them so we can make some changes without having to cut chunks off.

Would also say some of the plants would be nice to see and the ships would be cool for terrain and objectives.

Some kind of beached ship might make a neat centerpiece for a table. Plants as objective markers is a neat idea, they could actually do that with most any plant in the game really.

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I love Far Harbour personally, I’d happily recommend the game just for that DLC (and will probably tailor half of what I get in Wasteland Warfare towards trying to recreate as much of it as I can). In terms of characters I’d love to see DiMA, Tektus, and Captain Avery at least, and a small box set of Harbourmen/Children of Atom if not core set sized expansions. Fog ghouls would be interesting to convert from regular ghouls, but it’d be nice to have cards for them and a few different poses from the 3 we currently have.

I’ve been planning the rough idea of a gaming table set in a marsh/bog area including the lures of Anglers in it, as I love the idea of homebrewing rules for investigating them to see if it’s just a flower or if a creature jumps out and attacks you. Any terrain sets Modiphius did (even if they’re more generic ones, like the wrecked tug-boats we see all over Far Harbour and The Commonwealth) would be amazing for that, but I don’t know how much stuff they’re actually planning to do related to it. It might be that it’s literally just the Mirelurk sets and some scenarios (and I mean, I’ll happily buy that if that’s all there is, but it’d be awesome to be able to buy other Far Harbour things as well)

A swamp board would be a neat idea. Maybe a swamp settlement with a tug ship as a kind of centerpiece? Toward the far edge could have some lure weed to set the stage for some critter attacks.

Something like this, with a small settlement built around an old tug boat. Few Lure Weed sprouts on the far side of the map, . . .

I’m under the impression that they are planning to do a kind of campaign box for Far Harbor. Hopefully it will include new cards for existing models as appropriate (Fog Ghoul cards we can use with our existing ghouls, that kind of thing), and a decent range of miniatures for it. That said, I imagine the extent of their minis range will be a reflection of how well they sell for each grouping.

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My expectations based on what the dev blogs have stated is that it will focus on just the Mirelurks as creatures.

It only needs one model…



How have I never seen the red death?

It’s the Mariner’s final quest. It’s pretty good. Choose to embellish the tale after your epic battle concludes, . . .

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I’d love to see a fog crawler, gulper, and angler. Trapper models will be awesome too.

Fog Crawler is one I would like to see. Would give the Wasteland Creatures another heavy hitter that isn’t a deathclaw.

There were several unique animals to that DLC which would make for great pieces.

Trappers and The Children of the Atom would be good for generics. Trappers could be part of the raiders faction.

it would have to be a hermit crab released at the same time as a seperate damaged version of the lobster grill van it uses for its shell to be used as terrain with a random chance of being replaced with the crab it self

That would be a lot of fun. The Hermit Crab would make a great model, and they could even use the same model for a bit portion of it. Do the vehicle, with both the crab bits and the junk plug so you can choose to build it either way if you wanted.