Nuka World hopes and expectations

I started one of these about Far Harbor the other day and it sparked a little conversation, so I figured it would be worth starting one for this as well.

As we all likely know, Modiphius is planning to release “Campaign Boxes” related to major add ons in the various Fallout games (Starting with Fallout 4), and I’ve been thinking about the kinds of characters I’d like to see included in the game and what I expect from each of the expansions.

For me, my wishlist would be something like this:

Bottle and Cappy (This pair would make a great preorder bonus for the wave this set comes with)

Oswald the Outrageous

Disciples Core Set (Give us +4 sculpts with 4 different types of card kind of like what they did with the regular Raider models.)

Operators Core Set (+4 sculpts with a range of stat cards like above.)

The Pack:
Pack Dogs
Desciples Core Set (+4 sculpts with a range of stat cards like above.)

Dara Hubbell
Hubologist Core Box (Leader and some followers. Maybe 5 models in the box?)

Ant (Maybe give us a couple of card options to give us more options.)
Ant Swarm
Rad Rats
Nukalurks (Or even just a set of cards for use with our existing Mirelurks)

Cards for new variants of existing robots. (Galactron, Novatron, Space Sentry, Astro Gutsies, Alien Animatronics.)

Trash Cans
Arcade machines (Whack-a-commie, Atomic Rollers, or any of the others.)
Training Dummy
Bumper Cars
Giant Nuka Cola bottle (Scaled to be used as terrain, but at the same time slot it so it could be used with a Red Rocket terrain set in place of the traditional rocket.)

Paddleball as a weapon.
Nuka Grenades
Card for each of the Nuka Cola flavors. (Come on, I’m not the only one who puts one of each on a shelf somewhere when we set up our homes in Fallout 4.)

So, what would everyone else like to see? Anything important that I missed? Anything you think would make a good addition for any reason?

Raider based scenery would be fun.

I think one of the biggest missed opportunity right now is that they aren’t doing multiple cards for much yet (Dogmeat from the Heroes of Sanctuary Hill set has a Dogmeat card, AND a “Dog” card, “Sole Survivor” has a couple of options as well. But I can’t think of anywhere else that they have a range of cards for a single model like that.) More play options make every miniature more useful. And yes, I hope that the raiders get a lot of love as well, that’s part of why I’d like to see a wide range of options coming from the Nuka World groups, or even the Trappers from Far Harbor. :wink:

Just wanting to check, has there been any more word on what the campaign boxes will be like? All I can find is the description on the dev blog about the Far Harbour one, which says “One of the sets is based on Far Harbour and gives you a lot more powerful creatures to face off against and a whole campaign around the Mirelurks” (next to it is a load of pictures of various Mirelurk digital sculpts, such as the Mirelurk Queen).

As much as I’d love to see a nearly wave sized set of expansions for each of Nuka World and Far Harbour, it may also just be a single box that focusses on having lots of themed scenarios rather than lots of new miniatures. Of course more scenarios would be brilliant, but I’m just wondering if there has been any indication of miniatures specific to Fallout 4’s DLC’s, or if the sets will be more about giving us new ways to use existing/generic miniatures?

That’s most of what we know.

A campaign box implies a significant expansion to the game. To me, that means we’re likely looking at an updated rulebook or rulebook expansion, a new play mat, a hand full of new models, new cards for use in the game, and new game tokens. Basically a new set on a similar scale to the Core Starter Set (Probably a smaller box just because they wont need to include as many cardstock tokens, but I picture a similar amount of other content when it comes to miniatures and possibly cards.)

Given the love they are currently giving the game, I think it’s safe to say that miniatures related to these expansions won’t be limited to the campaign box itself and will likely include several small box sets (For example, I could picture the campaign box including 2-3 Trappers, an Angler, Gulper, 2-3 Harbormen, and Old Longfellow, maybe a Mirelurk. Then in addition to that, they might have a four pack of Trappers and Harbormen like we see for the Minutemen in the initial wave, Angler and Gulper will likely be available separately or even in two packs. I could picture a Fog Crawler being a separate web exclusive, maybe a set of wolves, Hermit Crab as a web exclusive, 1-3 character bundles with 2-3 characters each, and some kind of small terrain set related to the island. The Mirelurk stuff I suspect will be out one or two waves before the first Campaign box, but I’d be surprised if they don’t make extensive use of those models related to the campaign.)

If the game is selling as well as they imply (I heard the other day that there are 200 molds for the car, each capable of cranking out about 50 vehicles, . . . and that’s for their first run. That’s 10,000 Corvega Sedans, and that’s just an add on for a game I suspect a lot of people are just buying the core set for before delving further into the setting. If the game is generating this kind of interest from fans, then they know there’s a lot of money to be made by releasing these kinds of expansions. Hell, if you guys are reading this: I’ll buy two of everything that’s not a “Unique” model. Sign me up for +15 Trappers, +10 Harbormen, 3=4 Anglers, 2 Fog Crawlers, 4-6 Gulpers, +5 Wolves, and one of each Character pack. Also, either two or three of the box set because I’ll want the extra cards, extra map (If there is one.) and duplicates of any models you only release through that set (Extra uniques will either go into my box for customs, or go to a friend.)

So, while I can’t read their minds, I think it would be safe to say they will be looking to take advantage of our interest in the game and provide a good range of models for play.

I would kind like to see some stuff just for modding. Weapons,robot parts etc form Nukaworld.

I realize it might be a bit much to ask, but do it a bit like Kingdom death where you get a load of armor and torsos and weapons and build your own character piecemeal. That would just be the plain best way to do any group of raiders make them all look unique.

I thought they’d talked about doing weapon sprues at one point, but I haven’t hear anything more on that front. I think heads and weapons would make a great addition to the game for those of us who want to customize

I’m planning on sculpting a few different outfits/heads and so on for myself, but that’s 'cause I sculpt miniatures for other tabletop rpg’s as a hobby. Doing weapons/head sprues would certainly make it a lot easier!

And for that matter, I’ve seen a few companies out there that sell head bundles that should be scaled correctly., so if one wanted to pick up some of those, then it’s just a simple case of cutting one head off and replacing it with the new one for those kinds of changes. It’s almost certainly something I’ll be looking into eventually.

Modiphius: If you’re reading this and still plan to do sprues for weapons and the like, consider making the heads for multi part kits a separate piece and perhaps throw an extra couple into the batch. People can mix and match heads on models that way. And if there’s one or two extra heads in the mix, I’m sure people will love them for their custom terrain (Heads on spikes for example, . . . .) Looking at the Munitemen Possie, if you had three female heads and three male heads, then those four bodies/poses offer much more in the way of letting our models stand out. Just a thought.