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Hey everyone, I’m just throwing up ideas for later releases for models and rules, so if anyone has anything else to add lets get a thread going and hopefully Modiphius might take these things into account in some of their much later releases.

So going through the model range you obviously come across the companions of Fallout 4, and that almost immediately got me thinking when are Modiphius going to release models for other Bethesda game companions, or if they’re even able to. My main example will be Fallout 3, as it’s entirely under Bethesda’s name, but you could argue Fallout New Vegas could be covered as well. So immediately I began thinking of companion packs, relating to the alignment you have to be in order to get the characters in-game.

Firstly there’d be the ‘Good’ pack, what I would like to call the Wasteland Saints, which would have characters like Fawkes, Star Paladin Cross, and probably Dogmeat from that game, but that’d be a Blue Heeler model as opposed to the German Shepherd. I’m saying Dogmeat would be in the Wasteland Saints because she’s the goodest of girls, though she could easily be put into the neutral pack as she doesn’t judge because she’s the goodest girl. Or she wouldn’t be added at all because there’s already a dog model. With Fawkes I feel he would be more Survivors than Super Mutants, due to the Super Mutants treating him poorly, and the Lone Wanderer (maybe later model release?) freeing him. Keep in mind Fawkes’ intelligence was still intact as opposed to the other Super Mutants of the Capital Wasteland, and he is seen in the game with a terminal in his room, his Intelligence would be at minimum 6 just because he’s mentally above all other Super Mutants, and his Strength and Endurance stats should technically be massive. A minimum of 9 for Endurance and Strength. Also as evidence why I don’t see him as a Super Mutant model, while he does refer to other Super Mutants as “Meta-humans”, he kills them all the same and without hesitation. Also he calls your character little brother (as a male character) which I always loved about him. Star Paladin Cross would be easy, as she would simply fit into the Brotherhood of Steel faction, as that’s who she is. She has the same objectives as her brethren, and is only really friendly towards the player because she knew their father, and your character becomes a member of the BoS.

Next we have the Neutral pack, or the Capital Warriors I’d call them. This pack would contain Butch DeLoria and Sergeant RL-3. Butch we know comes from Vault 101, and as such could be a Survivor or a Vault Dweller, depending on if they become their own faction or not. Sergeant RL-3 is very much a Survivor, though of course he could be a robot just as easily (no real reason). Now, to my good people who have played Fallout 3 you know there’s another individual who should be on this list. However, this is where an issue occurs. Officially, Charon is indeed a Neutral companion, however you have to buy his loyalty by literally purchasing a deed for his services off his previous owner. This is going along the lines of an evil companion whom I’ll cover later. Charon, after you inform him that you now literally own him, proceeds to blow the head off his previous owner. Tell me, does this sound like a guy who’s just making his way in the Wasteland like Butch? Because to me personally, it sounds like an evil character, not to mention he is kind of intolerant of talking to anyone before you… acquire his services. Also he was given mystery jobs by his former… boss, and he always returned with lots of caps. There is the fact that he’s been brainwashed into servitude to anyone who holds the deed, and it is stated that he is unhappy in his boss’ service, but all that is definitely pushing towards evil rather than good. Because of this dilemma there’ll be one pack which has one more model than it’s other releases. And if they add the goodest girl to the list as well, we still have one pack that has one less model than the rest. But despite all this, realistically Charon would only fit into the Survivor faction, unless we are going to expect a ghoul faction later down the line, which I highly doubt.

Finally, you have the Evil pack, the Wasteland Reavers I’ll call them. This pack consists of Jericho and Clover (and maybe Charon as discussed). Jericho is an ex-raider, however he very much still fits into the role of a raider as well as a mercenary, so he could be Survivor or Raider. Clover is in the same boat, however it’s a strange situation she’s in, where she’s a slave to raiders, she can be purchased off them, but she’s still evil. This is because of her being brainwashed into subservience much like Charon, and it always annoyed me how you couldn’t attempt to fix this as a player, but I’m getting off topic. For the sake of this thread, we’ll just say the person who’s purchasing her isn’t a good fellow, because they haven’t killed the slavers, so she’ll be evil as well. She would be exactly like Jericho, Survivor or Raider, though personally I’d expect to see her on the raider side rather than survivor.

That’s everyone from Fallout 3, but of course we can talk about New Vegas or even the earlier games, but let’s leave something to keep the chat going.

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Modiphius has the rights to make models of all the Fallout games except New Vegas at this time.

FO4 was the most recent and best selling of the Fallout games so it’s made sense to start there and expand outwards. They have shown and given details on future expansions, we know the Enclave is coming in the new year and includes models from FO2 for example Frank Horrigan:

I’d expect that we’ll see other companions from the games they have the rights to, to come as they flesh out each faction. There’s multiple expansions for the current factions coming in the new year including 3 more of the FO4 companions (Strong, Nick Valentine & Hancock). So once they finish a section from FO4 or add a new faction from an older game I can see them adding elements from the older games along side them.

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Not quite everyone from Fallout 4. We’re still missing Curie, and she’s my favorite. She’s so fun to flirt with.

That said, I’d love to see some of the DLC companions. Ada is fun, and Longfellow kind of reminds me of my Grandfather. Both would be a joy to add to my squads.

I think there’s a lot of people hoping to eventually see NV characters. I imagine that the game’s lasting appeal will factor into that, but in the meantime we’ll just have to create proxies for them. :wink:

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Unfortuantely due to Bethesda’s current monetary issues from their… game, Fallout 76, I don’t think they’ll be able to afford getting full rights for New Vegas, and as disappointing that is perhaps it’s for the best, as they would have to then also implement the NCR and Caesar’s Legion into the game, which would be a bit too much for this already massive undertaking.

Though I must admit I forgot about DLC companions, and even Curie (I know, I’m a ■■■■■■■). Fortunately they seem to be focusing on mainly Fallout 4 models, and as Bishop stated, they’re moving into the original Fallout games. So we should surely be expecting Curie at any moment, perhaps this coming year, though I would guess she’ll come out 2021 if she doesn’t #curiematters.

Rileys rangers have already been mentioned as being on the list of models in the works and we have Enclave coming early summer with Frank Horrigan , The Master has also been teased but is awaiting a good time to release him and there is a Farharbor set coming around the same time as the Enclave which will add the Mirelurks and Fog Crawler to the mix of beasties not to mention new sub factions like Vault Dwellers

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I’m kind of hoping that the campaign box for Far Harbor is set up kind of like a new core box with a dozen or so models included. Give us Longfellow and 2-4 harbormen on the good side, 4-5 Trappers, a pair of Gulpers and an Angler to round things out. Then if they release most of those models in their own bundles as well and do the Fog Crawler and Mirelurks around the same time, then we’d be in REALLY good shape for Far Harbor compatible content. A 2-4 pack of Vim soda machines would be a really nice touch too.

On a side note, I’ve seen some Mirelurk stuff teased, but I haven’t seen anything on the Fog Crawler yet. Any chance you know where you say the Fog Crawler mentioned? I’d love to check it out.

The Vault Dweller cards came in the Institute Wave card pack, so I fully expect their models to come out in the next couple of months before the next wave.

I definitely like the idea of more companions. To go off your idea of Fallout 3 packs, maybe Sydney from the relic hunter quest could fill out the neutrals? She was a cool temporary companion with a fleshed out back story and an awesome custom smg. I definitly would love to have a model for her. Fallout 1 and 2 also have many great options. Marcus, Cassidy and Sulik are all classics. They could have some fun with joke characters too like Myron, Pariah Dog and the shotgun wedding spouse from Fallout 2. Characters that give funny drawbacks and quirks. Ian from Fallout 1 should totally have a special rule that can cause him to shoot you in the back.

“Unfortuantely due to Bethesda’s current monetary issues from their… game, Fallout 76, I don’t think they’ll be able to afford getting full rights for New Vegas”

Where did you hear that Bethesda doesn’t own full rights to New Vegas? They licensed Fallout to Obsidian meaning everything Obsidian made for the game would ultimatly be belong to Bethesda, yeah? I mean I’m not a lawyer or anything but I do work in Marketing and in my experience that’s how most licensed stuff seems to work. To use another example from Obsidian, Lucasfilm and Disney own everything from Obsidian’s licensed Star Wars KotOR 2. Avellone does not own Kreia or Darth Nihilus even though he invented them. Just like WotC owns all creations from Planescape Torment and Neverwinter Nights. Why would Bethesda handle this any differently than Lucasfilm or WotC?

Jon Webb mentioned it when talking about the Mirelurk queen expansion plans, not seen a model for it yet

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Vault Dweller pack is scheduled for March right after the new Super Mutant sets in February and before the BOS stuff in April.


They have also mentioned that they will be finishing the main Fallout 4 companions (I expect a pack with Curie, MacCready and Deacon in wave 4 alongside the Enclave stuff) and they plan to add the Fallout 3 companions as well. No idea about the Fallout 2 companions and lets face it the Fallout 1 companions are rather bland.

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Where did you see the plan for the FO3 companions? Naturally I’m extremely intrigued

not sure about fallout 2 companions but Rileys Rangers have been done and there is no way they won’t eventually get round to all the Fallout Companions so I could see FO3 getting a nice go

They’ve shown Riley, have talked about Fallout 3 a little bit, and we’ve seen images of Frank Morigan and the Master from the earlier games already. I don’t remember where I had heard it, but it sounds like they’re starting with Fallout 4 because that was the game most people were familiar with. Then as this game grows their intent is to work their way back through the other games over time.

I expect that once we see some Far Harbor and Nuka World stuff, we’ll start to hear a lot more about Fallout 3 content for the game.

Far Harbor starts when the Mirelurk Queen arrives :wink:

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Gorthar, back when the game was in preorder and they were much more active on the old forums, a couple of us asked lots of specific questions about what future figures would be released. They specifically stated that they planned to eventually add Fawkes and Sergeant RL-3 and stated they would like to add all the FO 3 companions.

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The sad part is there’s so much that they can and will implement before then. The grind begins

We’ll be talking about some macro elements of how the game is progressing in the near future.

As ever, there are so many cool things to add to the world, but only so much design time and casting slots so we have to make sensible choices.

I will say, the reason a few things we have shown/discussed have slipped is because we decided to introduce something with wave 5/6 that justified a swapping of the running order. You’ll know when you see it :wink:


Cool, that sounds awesome :cowboy_hat_face:

Is it characters inspired by Modiphius Charlie’s Twitch stream of the RPG?

Yup, Charlie and the boys box set.