Model mod ideas?

Since I’ve got more than one of the starter set coming, I figured I would make use of some of the “Unique” duplicates (And maybe a few of my non-unique models as well) to create custom models. Thought it might be fun to share some of my ideas, and see what others have thought of.

Aspirant Goddard:
-I have been thinking about using my extra versions of him to either do a repose by turning the head and/or arm(s) to make it visually different.
-I figure it would be fairly easy to remove the BoS insignia from the chest and then either paint them up as generic suits of Power Armor, or even paint them up as Brotherhood Outcasts.

-Not sure how difficult it will be to remove the gun from her back, but I’m thinking about removing that gun and painting her up differently to be used as a more generic Vault Dweller (Might need to do something related to the number on the back as well.)
-Might end up doing a couple of head swaps to make different generic vault dwellers.

-This is another one I think a simple repose and/or head swap would work well to make more generic characters.

-Should be a simple case of painting them differently to create generic dogs.

Those are ones I know I’ll be doing. The following are a couple that I’ve been toying with doing as well:

Mr Handy:

  • Whitechapel Charlie should be easy to make by adding a hat and a little detail work for the flag on it.
    -I’d considered doing a Mr Gutsy, but ultimately decided not to since I strongly suspect Modiphius will be releasing a model for that in the next couple of waves.

-Toying with the idea of doing one up ad Ed-E but I’m not positive I have the talent for the detail work. We’ll see.

-The hardest part of converting one of these to Ironsides from the USS Constitution would be to find a hat that would fit him. properly.

-Add a cowboy hat and you’ve got any of the unique Protectrons from Dry Rock Gulch from Nuka World. Or you’ve got Primm Slim from New Vegas. Finding a compatible hat shouldn’t be hard. (TTCombat has a western series that includes hats that look like a good bet.)
-Thinking about doing “Rock-o-bot” just for giggles. Looks like the main model would require some minor work (Collar and the “Hair” on top of it’s head), and find a microphone.

And yes, some of these were added to my list when I saw the conversion ideas mentioned by others.

So, does anyone have other ideas for conversions? I’d love to hear the ideas people have.

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I am 100% going to make Tabitha, which means I need some nightkin to go with her. The nightkin should just be a palette swap. I could try making some centaurs also, but that is not something I am super worried about including.

I think the rifle on Nora’s back is not molded too her. I was watching a painting video, I think it was by mr. Steel, and the gun was something he glued on after he started painting. Now this was most like for the resin model, the plastics may be solid chunks.

I ordered quite a bit of stuff, including five starters (And the complete bundle got me a set of resins to go with it.) One of those starters goes to a friend along with some of the duplicate models from other things. I figure I’ll have four extras of the unique models will go into my chop bin for customs. Will be neat to see the differences between the plastics and resins when they finally arrive.

I think I’m going to take an Eyebot, give it a Mr. Handy army (or other armature) and possibly an eye stalk from a Handy. The model will then represent a helpful assistant to a BOS scribe or perhaps a Survivor mechanic of some sort.

I also plan on making some Night-Kin and a Super Mutant with Minigun.