Robhistory's Mods

I haven’t really felt like painting lately, so I’ve been working some simple modifications. I have two start sets (thanks to @GateKeeper). One of them is fully painted. In a skirmish game I prefer not to have duplicate figures, so I have set out to mod them.

The first figure is my LEAST favorite FWW figure - really hate both of the settler sculps in the starter - which are also duplicated in the Survivor faction box… Which means I have three of them.

This was a fairly basic mod. The flame thrower comes from a Dust start set I picked up in auction at Tricon last fall. I don’t care for the game, but my 9-year like the walkers, and the infantry have conversion potential.

I do plan to do something with the head - either a swap or maybe I’ll leave the headscarf and try sculpting a gas mask in green stuff.

Another view:

One more:


The Next mod also uses parts from the Dust starter set… I did have to bend the Supermutant arms a little, but nothing too difficult. I used the hands from the weapon and glued them to the wrists of the SM. The hands actually are armored gloves, I may trim up a little… But it’s not really noticeable, and would be less so after painting so I’ll probably leave it.

Before painting I want to do something with the armor. All supermutants are built on just a few dollies, and I’d like more variety.


Here is another Super Mutant. For this one, I removed the sledge and replaced it with a O-Scale traffic sign. I’ve drilled a few holes in the sign which will be painted as bullet holes. I sharpened the leading edge of the sign - inspired by the Makeshift cleaver in Wastland 2:

I also pointed the end of the post, since the figures pose could also plausibly be thrusting. Again, I ultimately want to modify the armor in some way to make the figure more distinctive.


The final modification tonight is Goddard. I cut his laser rifle off, but couldn’t save the stock. The remaining portion became a laser pistol for Nora, athough the Weaver grip Nora is using looks a little strange when used with a weapon with no recoil.

Goddard is wielding a mini gun sourced from the Project Z Biker box from Warlord games (out of production and difficult to find now). The ammo box and belt come once again come from the Dust start set.

Falllout Miniguns are carried at the waist, but neither the Weapon or Goddard are setup to use that way. The minigun is small, so I think it works with Goddard’s pose.


Very nice stuff! Got to say that the speed limit sign axe is my favorite of the lot. Hope to see it on the table during one of our games!

Those look great! Love the super mutant conversions especially :slight_smile:

I like these, especially the flamethrower guy and the stop sign axe!

Love the imagination you’ve put in these and really well executed too. Love what you’ve done with Goddard, particularly. Good job.

How come you’ve ditched the scenic bases?

I already have one Goddard figure painted with the original scenic base. A different base will help this figure seem unique, and not a clone of another figure.