Bob's painted figures

Just finished the last of the Super Mutants I will be doing for a while.

There are two more mutants which should have been hounds and two hounds on the way whenever Modiphius sends out correction packages.

Also three suiciders. They have limited use so will hold off on them until some opponents are finished.


Looks nice! Is there a story behind the blue armor? Or you just thought it looked nice?

Thank you for sharing.

Just thought it would tie them together a bit. My buildings are blue on the outside too so it also acts as camouflage when they are in the city :slight_smile:

Thanks by
the way!

Makes sense, interesting idea to camouflage themselves like this.

Super Mutants vs. The Brotherhood of Fur.

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Brotherhood of Fur, . . . wasteland is responsible for some awful strange mutations, . . .


Sole Survivor

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Only Marcus Garvey and his lot, and those extra mutants left from my first order.

Really glad because I hate painting.

Will probably leave the PVC figures unpainted for ease of use, and grey and green doesn’t look so bad on the table.

Blown away by the quality on the Sole Survivor. You might say you don’t like painting, but you’re VERY good at it.


Thank you.

Started painting in the late 1960’s and have picked up a few things over the years.

Now I try to only paint the character figures in an army, buying the rest painted if possible.

If you look at Cogsworth, you can see I was a bit ham-fisted but if folks only look at the Survivor then all is well :slight_smile:

Really only a few steps involved and inks help a lot if you can find the right colour.

Did some more paining for Fallout today. This bunch are survivors, including Preston Garvey, Mama Murphy, Ronnie Shaw, and Strugis from Fallout 4.

I didn’t stick to the character scheme for Ronnie Shaw as I think she looks better as Brigadier Bambara from Doctor Who (Sylveter McCoy, “Battlefield”).

They may also find themselves caught up in the fighting on Fudd’s World in the future.

Still have to do some highlights and finish the basing but they look OK as is.
Did not put much effort into the four unnamed figures. Just applied three or four colours as a base, then inked over some of those to make them look a bit different, and then washed them with Army Painter Dark Tone.

Hope you like them.


Finished all the resin figures from my first order.

Pictures of the suicide super mutants soon.

Have to say I am not a fan of soft resin figures. A real bother to clean.

Still it is Fallout and the game is great so…

Super Mutant Suicide Squad


Finally some group photos: