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What do people hope to see in future expansions?

We all know what is appearing in Wave 1, and we’ve seen some of what will be appearing in wave 2 and 3 already. We can see that with their core set, they are building a range of models that we can eventually build armies around.

We’ve also heard talk about “Campaign Boxes” related to various add-ons and how we’ll see new models and story driven content through those.

When I look at the kinds of content they plan to present, I can clearly see that we’ll see years of models before they start to run out of factions (Raiders coming next, Institute and Enclave on the horizon. I also think it’s likely we’ll see The Railroad given their importance in 4, and New California Republic eventually. Ceasar’s Legion is also likely if they ever create content related to New Vegas too. With two waves a year (I think I heard 2-3 somewhere a while back?) we’d be looking at a couple of years before all of the core factions appeared if they work to push them all out one a wave.) and even when they start to run out of the main factions, there are dozens of smaller factions that might justify a couple of sets as well (Say a small set of 4-5 non-unique models and a set including 2-3 unique models as appropriate. Some of the unique Raider factions, caravan groups, merc groups, Children of Atom, and others all fall into this grouping)

With all of that as backdrop, I’ll get to the thought that spurred me to start this topic:

Earlier today I was playing a bit of Fallout 4. I started the quest “Confidence Man” that involves Travis from the radio station in Diamond City. As I was playing through this quest, I got to thinking about how something like that questline could work in Wasteland Warfare. So instead of a “Campaign Box”, it would be more of a “Quest Pack” with a small number of unique models in it and a small number of Quests that can be string together to tell a short tale.

What does everyone think? Good idea? Meh? Got other ideas for the kinds of expansions we want to see eventually?

Some examples:
Confidence Man Quest Pack:
-Travis Miles (Radio Station Host)
-Vadim Bobrov (Bartender)
-Yefim Babrof (Inkeeper)
-Bull (Raider)
-Gouger (Raider)
-Tower Tom (Raider Leader)
With this set, the player would also likely make use of the Sole Survivor and a Companion, plus raiders from the Raider faction expansion.

Last Voyage of the USS Constitution Quest Pack:
-Mr Navigator
-Mandy Stiles
This set would probably make use of settlers as Scavengers, and Mr Handy and Protectron models as Ironsides’ crew.

Pickman’s Gift Quest Pack:
-Maybe a couple of new Raider models just to for the added variety.
Set would make extensive use of the Raiders.

-These kinds of sets would have your usual range of equipment cards (weapons, armor, chems, etc), Unit cards, and those kinds of things, but hopefully have an emphasis on Quest cards and other card types that would give new ways to enjoy the game.
-It would be nice to see a scenario book that could follow the events from the related quest line as well as some new scenarios that follow characters from the related Quest box.
-Now, with all of these minis, it would be possible for Modiphius to issue new cards for existing minis (Bobrov Brothers would have cards and use Settler stand ins. Same with Travis. Raiders could be handled with new cards and use other raider minis as stand ins.) but in all honesty, I’d love to see something like this as an excuse for the minis range to grow.

Those were just a couple of thoughts off the top of my head. Basically, any side quest in any of the games in the series what involve one or more interesting character could justify this kind of set

Anyone else like the idea of these kinds of sets? Anyone have other ideas?


I would like to see more scenic sets like the red rocket set, with maybe a quest line involving that location.


I heard somewhere that they plan to do other key locations through Battle Systems. I’m hoping a proper diner is on the horizon, but there are a lot of locations that would make great centerpieces for our game boards. I also had heard they intend to release a few scenarios focused around the place.

I suspect that a Super Duper Mart, Diner, and a Vault set of some kind are in our future as well.


Oh man where to even begin lol. Lets see I would like to see the regulators vs the talon company and the like in a future expansion. Since in three depending on your karma you get one of those two factions harrowing you across the capital wasteland. I would like to see a covenant campaign box in wave 2 or future possibly. It would make a great settlement scenario or a campaign in general. You got Preston with his group of sanctuary hills settlers hold up in that museum fighting off wave after wave of raiders and then finally a deathclaw. Always felt like concord got really shafted. After that 1 quest and looting the town you have no reason to go through the ghost town except if you are cutting through it to go somewhere else. A ruined capital building for dc would be nice. Some of the night kin for another form of super mutants.And lastly what I wish to see the most is the TROGS and TDC ( Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion) The pitt was one of my favorite fallout add on to play and fighting the trogs and their lesser form the wildmen.


Oh yeah, Nightkin are a must!

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Oh and a Master Mini as well as his lieutenants since I believe a few of them were actually named super mutants. Most the people I have spoken with that are getting the game are choosing either survivors or brotherhood . I intend to pick up the entire super mutant set to play as them and having some more unique possibly named mutants like hammer and aviator will be nice .


I was happy to see that they had an Overlord and a unique character named Fist coming out down the line. I figure if those two come as a set, I’ll end up picking up two of the set for the extra Overlord, then give the First model to a friend who is collecting.


More terrain would be great to see. Personally I’d like to see a kind of wall ‘tile’ set, made up of straight edges and curves based off the interior locations in various buildings/labs/offices in Fallout 4. The idea being that we could glue them together in whatever arrangement we want, in order to make indoor fighting areas (either small ones on a larger overall tabletop, or to have a whole battle just taking place inside a building)


I’d also love quest packs, just a deck like the Settlement deck but with the focus on quests (maybe even to earn special equipment by completing a questchain?)

Besides that, a minor faction that would be my favorite to play is the cult around Harold in FO3. Harold is just the best (in FO1 as well) and playing a group of people who worship him would be fantastic.

For campaigns, I thought that it would be really cool if they made one for each Fallout game where you can replay it in FWW. If they don’t do it themselves, I already have some rough sketches to do that for FO1, but of course it would be nice as an official campaign book.


I would like to see more terrain l, but not just battle systems terrain. Mdf would be fine, resin preferred. I like to paint mine to match the board and resin will be more game authentic. Raiders are coming, and these are the big miss in wave 1.

I’d like to see a Vertibird kit…crashed one is cool,but intact is better! Could use for all kinds of quest scenarios then!
Maybe a solid one would be easier to make,but one with a hollow rear crew compartment and door gunner station would be awesome!

Quest / campaign packs would be good…with unique items/rewards.


Not sure if this is still the plan as it was quite a while ago, but in Dev Blog 9 they wrote “The crashed Vertibird hints at the scale of the real thing, which is a thing… but more likely later in the year”, so I think we’ll eventually see an intact Vertibird kit at some point!


Battle Systems terrain is at the top of my list. They talked about vault interiors but I want a lot more than that. Red Rocket isn’t enough.

They mentioned doing quest decks a long time ago. That is stuff that makes this game unique and I’d like to see more of that.

As for units, classic characters from Fallout 1 and 2. Such as Harold or Marcus.

I wish for a lot of stuff from New Vegas but it seems off limits.

Some generic units would be nice. Caravans, mercenaries, and Brahmin. Not to mention more Raiders.

Expansions based on various DLC, like Nuka World, would be fantastic. Battle Systems Terrain, characters, resin terrain, quests…


It sounds like they have plans to do some of the more iconic locations through Battle Systems. I’m hoping for a proper Diner, Vault interior, and Super Duper Mart in our near future.

Did you see the video the other day? They’ve got “The Master” from Fallout 1 coming. And if they’re doing the early games, I’ve always been a fan of Vick.

Ceasar’s Legion would make a great faction expansion, and the robots from New Vegas would be really great to have. Guess we’ll see how things pan out. Hopefully they will sort things so they’re allowed to make models from the game.

I think some traders would be nice. Maybe do it as a small bundle, One Trader, Two Guards, and a Brahmin pack animal. Also just plain brahmin would be nice.

There’s quite a few models out there that can substitute for raiders for the time being. I’ve got a few coming that I’ll plan to take pictures of to show everyone when they arrive. I’ll get plenty of the official models, but I’m going to have quite a few other models to flesh things out a bit.

I might be more excited about Far Harbor as a campaign box than Nuka World, but I’m REALLY excited about the idea of having a Nuka World expansion. Would love to see Nuka Cola cards for all the flavors, models from the various raider clans, or most anything from the setting. Really looking forward to seeing what they come up with when the time comes.


I honestly need an Operation Anchorage set.

Just imagine it. A squad of US soldiers, some winterized T-51Bs, Chinese soldiers, Crimson Dragoons, and some of the characters. Even a chimera tank, if they could get away with it.

I know the title is Wasteland Warfare, but i do hope we get to explore the pre-war era, too.


i think for me personally i would love to see more ghouls of the non feral variety there are to many of you smooth skins around these parts


I agree completely. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a group of non-feral ghouls in the first wave, but I figure they are probably coming somewhere down the road.

We’ve got 4 “Settler” models at present (Starter has two, then the Survivor Core Box has four, but two of those are the same as the ones in the starter.). Would be nice to see a second or even third set set of human settlers as well as a set or two of ghoul settlers.

On that note, a group of ghoul raiders would be really nice as well.

And while we’re at it, more than three poses for the Feral Ghoul, and a group of Feral Ghoul Reavers, . . . (Because there’s no such thing as too many poses for our models.)


yhea i think in the raider set they previewed on beasts of war had a ghoul raider boss, but i could be wrong as i was sneakily watching it when i was at work when it came out, i would like the caravan idea would make a cool scenario using your crew as hired guns to protect the caravan, maybe with some rules so that the terrain moves in a set direction by a red movement ruler to simulate that you are moving along a trade route and use the random encounter cards to create a player vs environment event after X amount of turns you arrive at your intended destination hopefully the merchant survives for you to get your payday

Shinjin is a ghoul, yes. Other than that though, Fallout 4 had quite a few ghoul raiders, so it would be nice to see them represented in this game as well. I think if they did a box set with six Ghoul Raiders we’d be in great shape on that front. Couple of alternate paint jobs on the models and you could field a fairly decent size group if you wanted to.

oh yhea more ghouls more good