What I'd like to see in F:WW 3 to 5 years time

I thought I’d share my top 10 most requested things for F:WW. It may be until 2077, but so far we’ve already got tons of wave releases with awesome sculpts and a wide choice of factions.

These are just my opinions on what I’d like to see in the next 3-5 years.

●Enclave squad in X0-1 Power armour
Whilst the MKII is cool, I prefer the Fallout 2 Enclave Power armour. I know there’s currently a single mini pack with an armoured dog, but it’s a single posed mini that would look repetitive if it was three on the tabletop.

● Father Elijah
Maybe a single mini pack or a BoS heros of Helios One character set with Father Elijah, Paladin Ramos and Elder Mcnamara.

●More dogs
Can’t say no to more dogs, especially as companions based on different breeds that are still around in the Wasteland. However, I’m not sure if those featured on Creation Club are canon?

●Settlers, Scavangers and faction settlers
What would be awesome is a range of non faction miniatures that can be used as Civilian or Minutemen alligned settlers. It would make raider attacks on settlements much more impactful when your fellow settlers are defending your settlement.

Such sets like: Goodsprings, Megaton, Goodneighbour, Dimond City and so on.

●The Thorn experience
I’d be down for some arena combat against the wastelands deadliest abominations in a mini PDF expansion.

● New starter set
Maybe a new starter set lite where it’s just the rules, cards, rulers, dice and tokens without the PVC miniatures.

● Factions
Here’s sone I’d like to see:
•The Republic of Dave
•The Boomers
•Great Khans
•Powder Gangers
•The Fiends
•Atom Cats
•Children of Atom (Far Harbour)

● More unique miniatures
By this I’m referring to how Modiphius released the Vault Girl as an STL purchase (then later a printed product by the designer). I would like to see more single miniature releases of existing characters or those based on the artworks in the franchise.

● Honest Hearts Wave
This would definitely be my top most wanted from F:WW (yes, even above New Vegas Wave 2).

● Soupcan Harry
At least one day consider creating this beloved character from Fallout 4. Maybe put in a rule where you can use Abraxo tokens to unlock Harry’s secret abilities using his tinfoil hat.

Last one was a joke, but still…

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While there are definitely some things on your list that I would also love to see, I would add a few additional from my wish list.

  • As well as Great Khans and Fiends I would love to see The Rust Devils
  • As well as the Far Harbor Children of Atom, I would also love to see some of the remaining creatures from that DLC like the Hermit Crabs, Gulpers, etc.
  • We also really need a Mirelurk King (and maybe a NV Lake Lurk) to finish up the lurks.
  • I would also love to see them add Super Mutant Warlords as I think that something half way between a Behemoth and the other Master type size figures would fill a niche.
  • In the somewhat odd type unique stuff, I really want to see some of the more “unusual” Fallout 2 companions.
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The Rust Devils would be an awesome faction to see on the table, and it would be a great addition to the Fallout 4 range of miniatures.

Now that I think about, there’s actually quite a few factions in Fallout 4 that could be in the pipline for future waves. :grinning: