Pick which fan made project for F:WW you would like to see!

I’m currently getting ready to get back into creating some fan content for Fallout Wasteland Warfare. However, rather than just making stuff, I thought I’d ask for opinions from the community on which of the following project suggestions I should do. These projects are a lot bigger and will take some time to be made, so I can only do one.

●Unofficial expansion: Battles in Zion Canyons
Using some existing units and new fan made unit cards to play on the tabletop. White Legs, Dead Horses, The Sorrows and Creatures are the primary focus for this fan made expansion. (Note: This will probably be outdated when an official Modiphius release wave of Honest Hearts comes in October 2077)

●Hunters and Prey
A small gang of hunters vs the beasts of the wasteland, with a narrative story of a hunters guild run by a family of experienced Wasteland
beast slayers.

●Historical illustration on […]
Very much similar to my NCR Heavy Trooper PDF illustrated fan content, though this time you can suggest what you’d like to see being covered. The most popular suggestion gets picked.

I’ll be back next week to post an update on which one will be in the works. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know if anyone made one but an official custom card creator would be nice.
Though I’d just end up modifying existing units.


This is a really interesting idea.
Being able to quickly and easily put together your own cards, then print them, would be very awesome.

I guess the issue is that you’d just as easily be able to replicate the official cards that have been held back from the PDF downloads…

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Eh. If I had my way, all cards would be available in pdf form.
At this point, it feels like a really cheap move not to do so.
Though the only ones I’m aware of are the Creature/Robot Controller Perks.

I’d also like for Modiphius to release a Campaign Design/Generator book.

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My vote would be for the Expansion. It’s always fun to come up with new takes on existing units, new unit ideas, and similar for the tabletop.

That said, I’d enjoy seeing any of what you have planned.

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I play with Gatekeeper on the regular, so he is pretty used to my desire to use factions that are not yet in the game or that exist only in my FO Dakotas head-cannon. So for instance I have a “counts as” trigger men army (Fargo TV-inspired) that I use survivor profiles for… Or the killer clowns who use the raider profiles or the new FO3 “counts as” faction that I am going to surprise Gatekeeper with the next time we play…

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Nice, it’s always fun to see what you come up with. I’ll be looking forward to it.

I have a couple of projects I’ve been trying to jump start on my end, but nothing I expect to have done by the time you visit again.

The rest of the Wasteland Warfare stuff I had ordered arrived shortly after your last visit, and it’s all been built now, so got a lot of new models for the table even if I haven’t had a chance to start painting them yet.

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I wish I had the IT skills to create that sort of thing. The closest attempt I’ve done for creating cards was two test cards in a Fallout 2 asethetic on Word doc.

Years ago there was a AoS 2.0 fan made card creator website where you could create your own units. So it’s likely it can be done by a dedicated IT creator.

@GateKeeper @robhistory
Expansions are great for gaming and narrative content for sure, there’s still a lot of factions and units needing cards. :slightly_smiling_face:

Though it depends on if anyone would be intetested in using fan made content on a specific subject. The Zion project is something I’m enthusiastic to work on as a passion project, however, would many in the community be interested in playing them?

Considering how big the Fallout franchise is, I think it would be years into the future until such units like the Triggermen or The Sorrows will recive any miniatures and cards. :sweat_smile:

An update on what’s going on!

The reception from what I’ve read has been more along the lines of more personalised content and creation of faction unit cards that have not received an official release yet. Rather than the most voted project, I’ve decided to rethink on what sort of fan project I should do.

In relation to card creation, I’m not a great designer by any means, however, I do have a card template in the style of Fallout 2 pipboy asthetic. I could post that to the community topic if anyone wishes to use it for their own homebrew? You may need to do some editing like text, symbols, image and the like.

As for expansion content, I realise that there’s a broad scope on what people want. I’d rather commit to something that many will find useful rather than something that wont be used often. The Zion project is a passion project due to my interest in the Honest Hearts DLC of tribal warfare in the most dangerous* environment in the post apocalyptic wasteland.

What I will do instead is focus on a project where anyone can use it regardless of faction and location. Currently I’ve been working on a map based system that can be applied to any Fallout setting, with straightforward rules and tons of narrative engagement. Still WIP, though it’s shaping up to be a useful tool in RPG content. Not ground breaking content by no means, but I think for those who focus on RPG and narrative wargaming will enjoy it.

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For the canyons, some old school 2" foam hills would serve you well. I made some back in the day.

I used a jigsaw to cut the rough shapes out, did some shaping, sealed them with PVA, painted them grey on the sides and OD green on top and flocked them with Woodlands Scenics blended turf and added some kitty litter rocks and dust.

Look up the area either in game or online so you can color the hills to match.

There’s a couple of other scenarios where tall hills with steep sides come in handy.

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