Faction list building for NCR PDF

As part of my ongoing development in creating fan made rules and supplements, I’ve created the Thematic List PDF for those who want to play FWW with lore list building in mind.

The PDF is split into two sections: 1) Faction list where you can pick units and options available, 2) Thematic lists where you can simply pick a pre-made squad list to play, with spare caps left to include equipment, perk and leader cards.

Below is the NCR PDF copy.

Thematic list NCR.pdf (146.8 KB)

This is my first post so it may be somwhat amature. :sweat_smile:

Feedback would be appreciated as I’d like to continue making fan made content for the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Community.

There’s more to come soon!


Really digging these two. I love the thematic list, too. Gives consequences in game for not helping or actively hurting a faction.

How much New Vegas did you play for research on these lol

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I imagined having this sort of ruleset for anyone who wants a limited lore based way of choosing what is on offer for the faction. Kind of like a faction list in an army book for wargames.

I’ve played Fallout New Vegas since 2015, back when I still had a 360 going. I got so invested in New Vegas that I’d completed it before Fallout 3, though I couldn’t tell why back then since I was new to the franchise.

Even a year ago I got F:NV on steam! :sweat_smile:

For the research it kinda became a thing by circumstance as I’d acquired a second hand copy of the Fallout: New Vegas gamig guide book. That book contained pretty much everything from the base game from maps, locations, faction lore, enemy unit lists and so on.

The Thematic list project wouldn’t have hapoend if I didn’t have the book to help me in my research. Wiki would’ve helped, but I tend to use it very sparingly.

I’d highly recommend finding a copy of the F:NV gaming guide book as its essentially a wargamers and roleplayers tome of knowledge. :grin:

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New Vegas was my introduction to Fallout as well. Then came 4, which brought me back.

Recently, I got 3 and reinstalled New Vegas to try out the Tale of Two Wastelands mod, which ports 3 into NV so you can play both in NV in the same save file, travelling between wastes.

I’ll keep an eye out for the guide, as it seems fun. That was at the tale end of when they made game guides awesome.

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