Historical examination and illustrated hobby PDF on NCR Heavy Trooper?

You may be familiar by now with my PDF Faction Thematic List fan project. I have one more to go, based on the Brotherhood of Steel, which will probably be posted this week.

The topic today though is a question for the F:WW community. Would you like an illustrated lore PDF with artwork, photography, hobby suggestions and lore on a particular subject?

I ask this as I’m currently making a fan made PDF focusing on the subject of the NCR Heavy Trooper and the Salvaged Power Armour, inspired by Osprey illustration military books. How will this be worth posting in relation to F:WW? Well, the following points are:

●Using photography to create dramatic scenes using Modiphius F:WW miniatures
●Lore background to inform the reader on the subject
●Artwork (that I’ll be making based on reference material, no pictures from the internet or official covers will be posted into the PDF) inspired by the subject
●Colour scheme examples and creative suggestions to give the reader some hobby inspirations

I’m about 75% done with the PDF with some editing and additional content to work on.

I don’t plan on making this a regular feature as it would drain my enthusiasm pretty fast. However, if there’s a demand for a certain subject that you would like to see being covered, let me know! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a photo I did as part of a page in the PDF.

Just to add: this is a fan project, it’s made for free and it is not endorsed nor supported by Bethesda Games Studios, Obsidian Entertainment and Modiphius.


This sounds awesome. Please do this.

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It’s pretty dope idea. I’ve always been curious about this. These are T-45s, right?

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Aye correct, the Heavy Trooper uses a scavenged reworked version of the T-45d power armour. :slight_smile:

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