Wasteland Necessities: the ultimate fanmade equipment guide for fallout2d20

I’m pleased to say that the first draft of Wasteland necessities, the definitive fan made equipment guide for Fallout 2d20 is ready for release to the community. This is an ongoing project so there will be a lot of changes and additions in the future but here is 157 pages of new weapons and items created and converted by community members. Some recognizable from the games and others new. Enjoy.

Wasteland Necessities

Thanks to everyone who made this project come to life

If anyone wants to help with the project we’re looking for people to do layout, editing and original art. PM me if interested.


Tremendous work guys.

So useful for GMs.

My favourite rule is Ice Cold for beverages :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: One of the other contributors made them. I think they’re great.


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wow impressive - loaded it, checking it this weekend

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Thank for doing this for us. Are there any updates in the pipeline?

Not currently unfortunately. I’ve had kind of a burnout on fallout so I’m focusing on other things.

I’m slowly getting my inspiration back so this may be updated soon. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m currently updating the document. Adding some missing recipes and new food items and fixing some errors. Will post the updated pdf soon so keep an eye on this thread for updates.

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A new member of our homebrew team has made the remaining FNV non-unique melee weapons. These will be added in the next update.

Also currently working on settlement rules and rules for farming. Not sure they’ll be in the next update but will be added eventually. I have some plans for vehicles down the pipeline but it may be a while until I get around to those.

What do people want from a settlement system? I’m currently working on one very loosely based on the city rules from Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign guide with some very simplistic mass combat rules, but I would like some input into what to include and how detailed I should make it. As it stands, it’s currently very simplistic without to much bookeeping, but still has a ton of different build options. i would share the rules, but as of know most of them only exist in my head.

Next update is ready very soon. I have added a ton of new melee weapons (mostly those missing from FNV), missing food recipes, legendary weapon upgrades and some new rules. I’m also working on some settlement rules that I will release in a separate document and later add to WN. I’m also open to suggestions if there’s anything you want added to the document.

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Just a heads up. My computer died so the update will be slightly delayed until i can get a new one.

I got a new computer so I’ll start working on the updates as soon as I have the time.

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Lots of cool stuff in here, thank you to everyone involved. A couple of things i’ve been looking for are additional starting traits (there are 5 total in the rule book), additional starting equipment packs for wastelanders (again 5 in the book) and ways to start as additional factions (NCR, Caesars Legion, Tribals, Enclave) which i would very much like to see.

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If you are patient there may soon be some surprises coming :wink:

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This book is awesome, and i cant wait to see whats next!! I do have a question though. What skill do you use for bows? Guns and bows are so different, and there isnt really a good overlap.

as written it is still small guns, but I considered using throwing to make that skill more useful. You could also argue that survival is fitting, but that skill is so useful already.

Thanks for the reply. I agree to not use survival, and like the idea of throwing.

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Absolute genius. Cheers! :star_struck: