Some stuff I made

I made some stuff for my Fallout New Orleans Campaign if anyone’s interested.


100 encounters

Fallout New Orleans spotify playlist


The 100 encounters one is great, I’ll definitely be using some of those for my next games whenever my group goes traveling. Also, the original creatures in the bestiary are really cool, too.

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You might also like this playlist I made if you want more songs to add to your playlist


I’d be interested in seeing a factions and locations of NO.

I’m working on some stuff but I’m open for suggestions.

My initial Campaign idea is based upon a video I found on youtube.

If you get the setting more fleshed out, let me know. I’ve been wanting to put together a master list of fan-made setting information.

I have a ton of notes but none of them are organized yet. I’ll see if I can share them when I get them organized.

You think you could come up with some Pregenerated Player Characters?

sure can :). Something specific you need?

Here you go :slight_smile: Some Pregenerated characters


Great work on the encounters! These were really fun to read through and gave me some great ideas for my table :partying_face:

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Here’s some more stuff I’ve converted from Fallout 4 and Fallout 76

Fallout weapons and ammo

Thank you :blush:

I’m working on more encounters for my Campaign. I’ll see if I can post them when they’re ready.

Cannibal (Perk)
Ranks 3
Requirements: END 8, Level 1+

At rank 1 You can feast on human flesh. Outside of combat you can eat a freshly killed human corpse to heal 2 HP.

At rank 2 you can eat ghoul and super mutant corpses in addition to human corpses.

At rank 3 eating corpses heal you 4 HP. Eating corpses count as a food source. Each time you take this perk the level requirement increase by 4.

Eating corpses that has been dead for more than an hour grant no benefit and may cause disease at the GM’s discretion.


I think i forgot to add for the arrows that if you want to benefit from the increased fire rate of a weapon all the ammunition needs to be of the same type. I will update the pdf later.

I was just thinking about this as my group ran into some cannibals. While looking it up I’ve added that each time that someone does feast to roll a combat die, if a effect is rolled they gain the dark cravings condition. Normal food no longer satisfies, they go to ravenous til human flesh is consumed which then they are sated for 12 hrs. Can be cured through the normal means addiction, refreshing beverage etc.