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Some creatures I made

Here’s a collection of Fallout creatures I’ve converted or made up

Fallout creatures


The bestiary has been updated with a host of new creatures and rules for crafting food items from them.


Thanks for the Beasties, Mortagon. The Radbirds and Radstork will be good addition that will round out the Rad Fauna for my HB Wastelands!

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Thanks. Glad you liked them :slight_smile:

My fallout bestiary has been updated with some NV creatures (Mantises, Spore plants and Spore carriers), stats for a liberator, new food items and recipes and stats for N.C.R npc’s.


Updated with honeybeasts and bee swarms


Noticed there’s a miss in the Gulper’s Fast Healing -ability; It speaks of the evolved centaur healing 2 HP?

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Thanks. Copy paste error :stuck_out_tongue:

Figured as much :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely additions from the earlier games! Dig it whole-heartedly!

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Thanks for the feedback :). The error has been fixed :wink:

Bestiary has been updated with ticks, gigaroaches and scorchbeasts

I’ve added a bunch of NPC’s from my Fallout New Orleans Campaign. Also added some encounter tables.

Bestiary have been updated with Geckos and a surprise monster :wink:

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Bestiary updated with:

Cyberdogs (Normal, Police, Military)

Flatwoods Monster (Collab with Dirt 290)

Mothman (Dirt 290)

Mega sloth (Dirt 290)

Jersey devil (Dirt 290)

Giant Roboscorpion (Dirt 290)



Sheepsquatch by E Red
Wendigo by E Red
Bighorner by Dirt290
Super mutant Centaur by Himbo!
Snallygaster by Dirt290
Wendigo Collossus by E Red and ComradeCannon


Securitron Mk I and Mk II (Triple M)

Nightstalker (Himbo!)

Jackalope (Dirt290)

Grafton monster (Dirt290)

Monster templates:

Albino, Alpha, Bloated, Bloodthirsty, Chameleon, Deadly, Diseased, Feral, Fetid, Giant, Glowing, Hideous, Irradiated, Mangy, Mutated, Mythic, Necrotic, Noxious, Prime, Prototype, Putrid, Rabid, Raging, Ravenous, Rotten, Savage, Scorched, Sickly, Stalking, Toxic, Vampiric, Vicious, Vile, Virulent, Young

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Bestiary updated


Sandsharks (Dirt290)

Caesar’s legion (Dirt290, Mortagon, DarkSunRebel)

Legion recruit

Legion prime

Legion scout

Legion veteran

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Radpidgeon (GrayEmerald515)

Caesars’ legion: (Dirt290, Mortagon, DarkSunRebel, GrayEmerald515)

Legion explorer


Legion Frumentarii

Recruit Decanus

Prime Decanus

Veteran Decanus


Praetorian guard

Legion gear:

Machete Gladius

Ballistic fist

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Super mutant abomination

Cerberus mutant hound

Centaur colossus

Hydroclaw (dirt290)

Bloodsucker (dirt290)

Robobrain (Mortagon, Dirt290)

Military robobrain (Mortagon, Dirt290)

Humanoid brainbot

And an endboss npc, a Spore Overlord (dirt290) known as the botanist, a mad, mutated half-plant, half-man that creates and wields an arsenal of plant based weapons. Also includes the rules for creating and using said weapons.

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Bestiary updated with:

White spike (Dirt290)

White spike Queen (Dirt290)


Wanamingo Queen

Hermit crab

N.S.C Commando

A new raider gang called the Bayou butchers:

Butcher raider

Butcher hunter

Butcher reaver

A new template:

Institute watcher (Dirt290)

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