Wasteland Roll Talbes

Like the Items roll tables I’ve posted previously, this is for the Wasteland deck. I’ll make an effort to update this as new sets come out and refine it as needed along the way.

The reason I want to do this is because I store my cards in a binder, and for me, a roll table makes card draws MUCH easier. This is an early Wasteland list. It is complete, but still needs refinement. This is an early draft, and I’d LOVE to hear feedback from anyone interested in this.

So, what I’m wanting to do here:

  • Create a Roll Table for the Wasteland that includes everything available for the game.
  • Create a Roll Table for the Wasteland that is easy to update with future expansions.
  • Create a thematic Roll Table for different types of encounter, to include Roll Tables for different enemy types and container types.

Fallout Wasteland Encounters Table:

Roll Table:
1-3 Creature
4-7 Danger
8-10 Stranger

1-2 Ghouls
3-4 Hounds
5-6 Radroaches
7-8 Harmless
9-10 Other

1 Dead Bloated Glowing One
2-5 Dormant Feral Ghoul
6 Injured Putrid Glowing One
7-10 Lone Feral Ghoul

1-2 Alpha Wild Mongrel
3-4 Digging Dog
5-6 Opportunist Mongrel
7-8 Playful Mongrel
9-10 Wounded Motant Hound

1-3 Glowing Radroach
4-6 Radroach Cloud
7-10 Radroach Nest

1-2 Lost Pack Brahmin
3-6 Migrating Radstag
7-10 Rad Rabbit

1 Diving Radgull
2 Glowing Bloatfly
3 Large Egg
4 Lurking Radscorpion
5 Molerat Tunnel
6 Protective Molerat
7 Scratching Sounds
8 Starving Stunted Yao Guai
9 Unseasonal Stingwings
10 Withered Mirelurk

1-3 Radiation
4-6 Trap
7-10 Other

Radiation: (6)
1 Ghoulish Scratch
2 Glowing One Corpse
3-6 Radiation Burst

Trap: (20)
1-2 Clockwork Trap
3-4 Electronic Trap
5 Frost Trap
6 Gasoline Leak
7-8 Hidden Fragmentation Mine
8 Live Wire
9-10 Not a Toy
11-12 Rigged Shotgun
13-14 Rigged Stash
15-16 Rigged to Blow
17-18 Steel Trap
19-20 Trip Grenade

Other: (20)
1 Abhorrent Smell
2 Back Problems
3 Containment Leak
4 Damaged Weapon
5 Dinner Plans
6 Disoriented
7 Dizzy
8 Doubts
9 Good Fortune
10 Rogue Eyebot
11 Serrated Edge
12 Shocking
13 Sinking Sand
14 Sting in the Tail
15 Suspicious Slime
16 Under Pressure
17 Unlucky Stray Shot
18 Unreal
19 Unstable Fusion Core
20 Unstable Ground

1 Artillerist
2-3 Chem Dealer
4 Entomologist
5 Escaped Captives
6 Eyebot Fanatic
7-8 Field Medic
9 Friendly Fisherman
10 Ghoul Gang
11 Gunners Deserter
12 Inactive Sentrybot
13-14 Informer
15 Kid in a Fridge
16-17 Message Carrier
18 Mother Maya
19 Pensioner
20 Pet Vendor
21-22 Protectron
23-24 Scared Trader
25-26 Wandering Merchant
27-28 Weapons Dealer
29-30 Wounded Farmer

NOTE 1: As the Creatures are resolved per the above chart, the “Creature” “Disturbed Wildlife” “Something Stirs” “Unusual Noises” and “Was that Movement” cards have not been included with the “Danger” roll table.

The creatures have been divided into groupings for a reason beyond just making them easier to roll on a 10 or 20 sided dice. They’re also usable as a theme table if you are looking for something specific.

I intend to split the “Stranger” grouping into a more manageable grouping. I’m open to suggestions on how best to split them.


Looking good! I would change one small thing though: the roll for Strangers is basically 1D30 which as far as I know doesn’t exist. I’d use a 2D20 table instead and spread out the common encounters more, like you already did.

I know you can use randomizer on your phone or the internet, but If I’m using dice for the former tables, I’d want to stick with that.

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Actually, there is a 30 sided dice. That said, last night I was tired and feeling lazy I’ll split the group up somehow to make use of either a percentile, d10, or d20 roll system instead.

In the end, the goal will be to have everything set to numbers that can be rolled with a D&D die set, with a preference for d10 and d20.

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