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Item Loot Tables

Quite a few people have talked about this in the past, myself included. I’ve even seen some simple tables created, but nothing that felt “complete” to me.

The reason I want to do this is because I store my cards in a binder, and for me, this makes card draws MUCH easier. This is an early items list. It is NOT even close to complete yet, but I wanted to post it to sort of show what I am thinking This is an early draft, and I’d LOVE to hear feedback from anyone interested in this.

So, what I’m wanting to do here:

  • Create a Roll Table for items that includes everything available for the game.
  • Create a Roll Table for items that is easy to update with future expansions.
  • Create a thematic Roll Table for different types of search locations, to include Roll Tables for different enemy and container types.

Incomplete and WIP, with placeholder content throughout:

Fallout Roll Tables:

Random Roll Table (100):
1-5 Alcohol
6-10 Caps
11-20 Chems
21-25 Clothing
26-30 Food
31-40 Grenades
41-45 Heavy
46-55 Junk
56-65 Longarms
66-72 Melee
73-75 Mines
76-78 Mods
79-83 Nuka Cola
84-85 Power Armor
86-95 Sidearms
96-100 Armor

Alcohol (10):
1 Bourbon
2 Ice Cold Gwenett Ale
3 Moonshine
4 Rum
5-6 Vodka
7-8 Whiskey
9-10 Wine

Armor (Standard)(20):
1 Armored Pads
2 Army Helmet
3-4 Combat Armor
5-6 Damaged Hazmat Suit
7 Freefall Leg Armor
8 Hazmat Suit
9-11 Heavy Raider Armor
12 Protector’s Right Arm Guard
13 Sturdy Combat Armor
14-17 Sturdy Leather Armor
18-20 Sturdy Metal Armor

Armor (Super Mutant)(10):
1-2 Aviator Cap
3-7 Chains
8-10Heavy Gauntlets

Cap Stash (10):
1-2 1d10
3-4 2d20
5-7 3d20
8 4d20
9 5d20
10 6d20

Chems (10):
1-7 Common Chems Tables
8-10 Rare Chems Tables

Common Chems (12):
1-2 Buffout
3-4 Jet
5 Med-X
6 Mentats
7-8 Psycho
9 Rad-X
10 Radaway
11-12 Stempack

Rare Chems (10):
1 Adictol
2 Berry Mentats
3 Calmex
4 Day Tripper
5 Fury
6 Mysterious Serum
7 Orange Mentats
8 Overdrive
9 Refreshing Beverage
10 X-Cell

Clothing (20):
1 Faction/Creature Clothing (Atom Cats, Brotherhood of Steel, Vault Tec, Spiked Muzzle, etc. As appropriate.)
2-3 Assault Gas Mask
4 Baseball Cap
5 Bowler Hat
6 Camouflage
7 Dirty Postman Uniform
8-9Dog Bandanna
10-11 Eyeglasses
12-13 Military Fatigues
14-15 Patched Three-Piece Suit
16 Red Flight Helmet
17-18 Road Goggles
19 Robotic Bits
20 Sea Captain’s Hat

Faction/Creature Clothing List:
Atom Cats Jacket and Jeans
Brotherhood of Steel Hood
Spiked Muzzle
Vault-111 Jumpsuit

Cooked Goods:
1-2 Iguana Bits
3-4 Iguana on a stick
5-6 Squirrel Bits
7-8 Squirrel on a stick
9-10 Squirrel Stew

Food (10):
1-2 Nuka Cola Roll Table
3-4 Meat Roll Table
5-6 Fresh Foods Table
7-8 Cooked Goods Table
9-10 Prewar Food Table

Fresh Foods (10):
1-4 Cave Fungus
5-7 Fresh Melon
8-10 Radscorpion Egg

Grenades (10):
1 Baseball Grenades
2 Cryo Grenades
3-6 Fragmentation Grenades
7-9 Molotov Cocktail
10 Pulse Grenade

Heavy Weapons (10):
1 Broadsider
2-3 Gatling Laser
4-5 Junk Jet
6-8 Minigun
9-10 Missile Launcher

1-2 Abraxo Cleaner
3 Alarm Clock
4 Biometric Scanner
5 Blowtorch
6 Camera
7 Carlisle Typewriter
8 Desk Fan
9 Economy Wonderglue
10 Giddyup Buttercup
11 Gold-Plated Flip Lighter
12 Hot Plate
13 Jangles the Moon Monkey
14 Mary’s Locket
15 Military Grade Circuit Board
16-17 Pack of Tuct Tape
18 Telephone
19 Undamaged Camera
20 Vault-Tec Lunchbox

Longarms (10):
1-9 Common Longarms
10 Rare Longarms

Common Longarms (20):
1-2 Assault Rifle
3-5 Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle
6-7 Combat Rifle
8-9 Combat Shotgun
10-11 Double Barrel Shotgun
12-15 Hunting Rifle
16 Laser Rifle
17-19 Pipe Rifle
20 Plasma Rifle

Rare Longarms (10):
1 Gauss Rifle
2-4 Institute Laser Rifle
5-8 Laser Musket
9-10 Railway Rifle

Meat (15):
1-2 Bloatfly Meat
3-4 Brahman Meat
5 Deathclaw Meat
6 Mutant Hound Meat
7-9 Radroach Meat
10-11 Radstag Meat
12-13 Radscorpion Meat
14 Yao Guai Meat
15 Yao Guai Rib Meat

Medical (10):
1 Addictol
2 Blood Pack
3-4 Med-X
5-6 Rad-X
7-8 Radaway
9-10 Stempack

Melee Weapons (10):
1-7 Common Melee
8-10 Rare Melee

Common Melee (10):
1-2 Baseball Bat
3 Baton
4-5 Board
6 Lead Pipe
7-8 Nail Board
9 Sledgehammer
10 Tire Iron

Rare Melee:
1 Deathclaw Gauntlet
2-3 Huge Club
4-6 Pipe Wrench
9 Ripper
8-10 Super Sledge

Mine (10):
1-3 Bottlecap Mine
4-10 Fragmentation Mine

1-4 Armor Mods
5-8 Weapon Mods
9-10 Power Armor Mods

Armor Mods:
1-2 Ballistic Weave
3 Biocomm Mesh
4-6 Cushioned
7 Dissipating
8-10 Headlamp
11 Improved Flexibility
12-14 Lead Lined
17-20 Padded

Weapon Mods:
1 Arm Breaker
2 Armor Piercing Receiver
3 Balanced
4 Bayonet
5 Comfort Grip
6 Hardened Receiver
7 Heavy
8-9 Long Barrel
10 Multi-Calibre
11 Multi-Purpose
12 Re-Bored
13 Refined
14 Reflex Sights
15 Silenced
16-17 Spiked
18 Stun Pack
19 Superior Materials
20 Venomous

Power Armor Mods:
1-2 Boosted Servos
3-4 Core Assembly
5-6 Emergency Protocols
7-8 Hot Rod Shark Paint
9-10 Thicker Painting

Nuka Cola (10):
1-7 Nuka Cola
8-9 Nuka Cherry
10 Nuka Cola Quantum

Other (20):
1 Faction Item
2 Admin Password
3 Binoculars
4 Car Security Override
5 Climbing Spikes
6-7 Fire Extinguisher
8 Flashlight
9-10 Fusion Core
11 Hand-Written Note
12 Mr Handy Fuel
13 Robot Repair Kit
14-15 Rope
16 Skeleton Key
17 StealthBoy
18 Stuffed Monkey
19 Turret Inhibitors
20 Unsent Letter

Faction Items:
Artillery Smoke Grenade
Vertibird Signal Grenade

Power Armor (12)
1-3 Raider Power Armor
4-6 T-45
7-9 T-51
10-11 T-60
12 X-01

Prewar Food (2):
1 Cram
2 Sugarbombs
(Hopefully future expansions will expand this list significantly)

Sidearms (10):
1 .44 Revolver
2-3 10mm Pistol
4-5 Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle
6 Gamma Gun
7 Laser Pistol
8-9 Pipe Pistol
10 Staggering Pipe Pistol

Far Harbor Variant Tables:

Heavy Weapons (10):
1-3 Broadsider
4 Gatling Laser
4-5 Junk Jet
6-8 Minigun
9-10 Missile Launcher

Nuka World Variant Tables:

Sidearms (10):
1 .44 Revolver
2-3 10mm Pistol
4-5 Bolt-Action Pipe Rifle
6 Gamma Gun
7 Laser Pistol
8-9 Pipe Pistol
10 Thirst Zapper Cola

Creature Tables:

Bloated Glowing One:


Dog (10):
1-7 Nothing
8 Dog Bandanna
9-10 Chain Dog Collar

Ghoul (4):
1-2 Cap Stash Table
3 Pack of Duct Tape
4 Rad-X


Mutant Hound (1):
1 Mutant Hound Meat

Putrid Glowing One:

Radroach (1):
1 Radroach Meat

Radscorpion (10):
1 Radscorpion Egg
2-10 Radscorpion Meat

Yao Guai (10):
1-7 Yao Guai Meat
8-10 Yao Guai Rib Meat

Theme Tables:

1 Alcohol
2 Caps
3 Food
4-7 Junk
8 Mods
9 Nuka Cola
10 Fire Extinguisher
11 Flashlight
12 Mr Handy Fuel
13-14 Rope
15 Blowtorch
16-17 Economy Wonderglue
18-19 Pack of Duct Tape
20 Valt-Tec Lunchbox

1 Alcohol Table
2-3 Chem Table
4 Food Table
5 Addictol
6-7 Med-X
8-9 Mentats
10-11 Rad-X
15-18 Stempack
19-20 Biometric Scanner

1-2 Alcohol Table
3-4 Caps Table
5 Chems
6-7 Food
8-9 Nuka Cola
10-11 Alarm Clock
12 Camera
13 Carlisle Typewriter
14-15 Desk Fan
16 Gold-Plated Flip Lighter
17 Mentats
18-19 Telephone
20 Vault-Tec Lunchbox

Robot groupings


That looks really good! Thank you for doing all that work!


Still a work in progress, but it’s a start!

When I finish up with this one, I’ll likely do one for danger cards and quests as well.


I like the idea. Especially with RPGs I’m always torn between rewarding players with items that suit them or completely random loot. I prefer the latter.

One question though: how do you roll on the table for 55? So you use a random number generator for that, or is there some kind of specific dice combination?


It’s a work in progress still. And the list doesn’t include Armor either. If you’re looking to use it right now, roll a percentile and reroll if you miss the chart. :stuck_out_tongue: Next version of the chart I post I’ll make an effort to get that initial chart balanced a little better.

Also, I don’t know how you go about search items, but I’m putting the list together with the hope of making it sort of iconic. Nuka Cola machine would roll from the Nuka Cola chart for example. But I’ll get into more of the thematic groupings next time I get to work on it.

You are right though, eventually my goal will be to get everything grouped for common dice numbers. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 100 as most gamers will have those sizes already.

REALLY surprised at how many people have given the first post a like though. Goes to show that there’s a lot of interest in something like this. :heart:


Updated the original post with some more work. Want a roll table for a specific type of container, by all means, let me know. I’d also be interested in hearing feedback on what’s been done already? Some items appearing more often than you think they should? Not often enough? I’m trying to balance probability with how often it “feels” like I find any given item when playing, but I’m ballparking it, so I’m sure there’s a lot of room for refinement.

Updated or added to the above:
Random Roll Table
-Yao Guai
Updated notes (Basically a list of themed search groups I’d like to make. The list will almost certainly grow in time. Feel free to suggest additions.)


I kind of assumed such a table existed in the RPG book? Kinda bumbed it sounds like they dont have loot tables.

Great resource Gatekeeper!

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Thanks! It’s still a work in progress, but it’s coming along little by little.

The RPG book actually has a cost table, but there’s nothing there to generate random loot. The current system makes it just as likely you’ll pull a pipe pistol out of a pile as that you’ll pull a suit of X-01 armor (And lets face it, if you’re already using an item, you’re going to have a hard time pulling it from the deck as well. :stuck_out_tongue: ). One of the things I’m trying to do here is make the item pulls feel a little more natural while making the management of your deck easier.

Looks like the next week is going to be pretty busy for me, but hopefully I’ll get back to this again fairly soon and can finish up most of what I’ve got planned at the moment.


Updated the roll tables above.

  • Added target numbers for Junk table.
  • Added target numbers for Mods table.
  • Created Garage table.
  • Created Hospital table.
  • Created Office table.

How it stands right now, I think I’m going to put this set of roll tables on hold for the time being. I want to do additional themed table and such, but with Wave 3 coming out in a couple of weeks, I’ll wait until I can incorporate the cards from that before wading much further into this.

In the meantime, as time allows I intend to start work on the creature/danger/stranger tables next with events, explore, and quests coming some time after that.


Used it today at Nanocon. Worked well.

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Awesome! We talked about going today, but then the weather started to turn and we decided to just hunker down instead.

Hope your game went well!

Hey there!

Cool tables. We used them in our Settlement-Mode-Campaign and they work pretty good.
It helps, because we don’t have to shuffle ALL items for the normal game and than sort them for the settlement phase.
Thank you very much for that!

Only thing:
When in Settlement Mode and you roll for a weapon (there is a building which says you have to), you have no table that says something like:

1-3 Melee
4-6 Side Arms
7-9 Long Arms
10 Heavy

(That’s what we invented)

Thanks again :cowboy_hat_face:

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Very happy to hear you’re getting use out of the chart! I’ll see if I can improve the chart for the weapons groupings moving forward.

I still need to get back to this and add all the Wave 3 stuff to it too.

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Todo-pile… todo-pile never changes


Ain’t that the truth. This seems particularly relevant when it comes to hobbies.

That’s pretty cool!

Do you have this in a printable-friendly format?
That’s something I’d want to use at the table as I reckon a lot would. Let’s face it, who wants to shuffle all their cards together for random item loot?

This is a project I need to get back to and flesh out with the newest again. This is the only format I currently have it in.

If you’d like some help - DM me! I have some ideas and can help out with formatting if you’d like.

I don’t think the site has the option to DM.

The jest of what I did was that I compiled a list of all the items they had cards for at the time. Then I grouped those items by type (Melee, Armor, Junk, Grenades, etc) before setting it up so one dice roll would call a grouping, then a second dice roll would call the item from that grouping.

Ah, for some reason I thought it had DMs. Too many forums to keep track :man_shrugging:

Anyways, my ideas were:

  • I love using github for shared resouces like this, even if they’re just text files. You can publish things publicly, and update it over time without a ton of overhead. If github is too techy, though, even a publicly-shared Google Doc works nicely too.
  • With the different environments introduced in Into the Wasteland, it would be cool to have different tables for different areas.
  • Have rare entries for legendary/unique weapons or items.