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Random Item Deck Generator

I created this very simple random item deck generator for use with Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. I prefer not having to shuffle a 200-300 card item deck.

It works best in Excel, but should work in Google Docs as well (or any alternatives to Excel).

To make it work you have to put the cards you want to use for the item deck in the list for the appropriate item in the Lists tab. If you want multiples of a certain item card to be available you can add multiple entries of the same card. Leave the Rand and Rank columns for every category alone, they are filled in automatically. After you have entered your items you can refresh (F9 in Excel) the Deck Generator tab to create a new list every time you want a new list. Then get the cards and shuffle them in a manageable deck.

This generator is very limited in the amount and setup for a balance I like. This is just a stopgap and I hope to see some better apps or programs to help manage the cards for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare in the future.


yhea an app would be good just tell it what sets you have so it can populate it with the included cards from them