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Fallout 2D20, a couple of questions

  1. The release PDF is huge in size, has no bookmarks, and is not optimized at all. Will these issues be taken care of soon and an updated version sent out to those of us that have preordered?

  2. Will the 2D20 RPG be getting its own subforum here in the boards?

  3. Any idea if official virtual tabletop support will be something Modiphius will be looking into/support?

Hello there !

Same question as OP and more :
I’ve started reading the PDF and It’s a beautiful game you’ve created so far. But there’s an horrific number of mistakes, does an errata is being build ?
Some examples :

  • some weapons mods requires Gun Nuts 4, but the Gun Nuts Perk only have 3 ranks
  • magazines weapons mods are missing in the weapon mods table

There are a lot more but these two are just on the page I’m reading now.
Many thanks for you answer !

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I’ve noticed this as well. There’s a thread dedicated to errors on the playtest forum and I’ve seen many mentioned on the 2d20 discord. I hope there’s time to fix them before the book goes to print because there’s a lot of them.

Oh and another question: the campaign in the book is supposed to be a sequel to “the Fallout 2d20 Starter Set campaign, Once Upon a Time in the Commonwealth,” any idea where we can find this quest ?

I am loving this game so far, but I have a couple of questions;

  1. On pg. 196 the subject of Scavenging scenes states that on a success “each item category found in the location has a minimum and maximum number of rolls on that category’s loot table”. The example provided, lists a number of rolls for clothing ammunition etc. I can not find where the number of rolls per table is coming from am I missing it or is it missing?
  2. Under the Cooking stations beverages table the same entries are repeated 4 times spread over pg’s 216 and 217.
    Any help and errata of this would be great for all of us. Thanks for a great game, keep up the good work.

In regards to #1 - that’s up to the GM to lay out in their location notes. There’s no tables that say “Airport 3-6 Clothing, 1-4 Food” etc. The GM decides, much as the GM places treasure in a D&D game.

There are some omissions in the final rules to save space such as the aforementioned minimum and maximum. Maybe this will be expanded upon in supplements in the future. As for mistakes I’ve found many including the one you mention. I have reported them to Modiphius. If you find errors you can report them to with the topic FalloutRPG PDF error report.

I was wondering this as well! I searched google and got zero results.

Just got the updated core pdf and the errata. The errata states that the the randomly generating locations are in the Gamemaster’s Toolkit.
Now if we can get that toolkit in pdf…

I’m hoping that’s sooner rather than later given that there’s some crucial things in that doc.

Me three!

I haven’t seen this question answered yet