Custom RPG scenarios / campaigns?

Reposting from old forum:

Anyone have any custom campaigns (big or small) they’ve been running and would liek to share now that the RPG pdf is out?

Looking for some new material for my playtesters, who are about to finish their first main arc.

Anyone have any custom mission or campaign resources? Would make great filler for my main story and maybe spark some ideas. Thanks!

Below is a recap the 8-part campaign I created for the playtest sessions. Still finishing the full write up but I’ll post the full thing once if’ve got it presentable.

Plot - Centres around a Vault Dweller with a sketchy past, an old farmhand seeking revenge, and a memory wiped Gen I synth who’s a bit like a robot child.

The three of them encounter the Limit 115 Virus, the people of Vault 81 and Oberland Station whove been infected by it. All this lead to the discovery of a Mutant threat to the Commonwealth.

Long story short, the party discovers that Mutants have stolen a sample of the deadly virus from Vault 81’s database for their mutant master out in the Midwest (The master is trying to cure Mutant Genophage - think Fallout: Tactics). They are using humans as test subjects, slaves, all the nasty stuff.

At the end of the first arc (8 sessions so far) the group learns of this greater mutant threat out west and a converging path for the three adventurers. The plot should entice them to head for Colorado (by-way of D.C., the Pitt, Nuka World, West Virginia, Detroit, Junction City, etc until they hit the NCR) while having many stand alone adventures in the process.