Fallout Astoundingly Awesome Tales

So I just noticed that my FLGS just opened up a pre-order for something called Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Astoundingly Awesome Tales - Chapter 1. What exactly is it?

We haven’t heard much about outside of it’s existence and that it’s printing soon.

It’s a scenario booklet. Found it.

This astonishingly action-packed 52-page expansion for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game includes an abundant assortment of scenarios that can be played individually or linked together into five three-part mini-campaigns. Astoundingly Awesome Tales Chapter 1 also includes optional supporting material that can be used for either solo or versus games, and amazingly atmospheric narrative suggestions that help to ground your forces in the battlefield and provide motivation for the factions involved.

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Huh, neat. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Interesting. Wonder if there’s going to be any unique stat blocks associated with it.

I expect that we will have to wait until Modiphius-Jon or someone else from Modiphius chimes in to see if there will be any new unit stats (perhaps stuff coming in wave 7?)

My thought was that if they’re doing campaigns, then there was the possibility of unique characters related to those stories. They could even use it as an excuse to create a new card pack, and I think a lot of us would rejoice new stat options for existing models (Like the alternate Mirelurks, Behemoths, Deathclaws, etc).

It’s likely to be very similar to Histories of the Empire for ES:CTA. So far new cards have only been included in rules expansions or card packs (including Into the Wasteland) and not in campaign books.

It’s live now in PDF and hardcopy form

It’s got a bunch of scenarios which work well for solo or pvp play, 3 each for Survivors, Super Mutants, BoS, Raiders, and the Institute. It’s also got some neat tables for mixing up battlefield conditions.

Would recommend!

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