Astoundingly Awesome Tales curated tables

. .I have questions about the curated tables of the Astoundingly awesome tales book. Currently re-writing them in Excel to be able to have full rules texts like the Forged in Fire expansion tables.

  1. How do you treat events that let you look at the order of events when using tables?
    Roll them sectretly and then let the player with the knowledge keep track of it?
    Not sure what is intended here?

  2. Is the “Dinner Plans” event card really supposed to be on the “Non-functioning vault” table?
    Seems like it should be on the “Super Mutant Camp” one. Or is the intention of having an event on the vault table that does nothing when not facing Super Mutants?

  3. Lastly anyone know where one can find the icons from the books to add to your own templates?
    Like the Dice icons and so on?



Just a heads up - we are looking into this one but we need to give it some proper dev time. Once we have an answer, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Thanks for bearing with us.


Hey @Tobgoblin,

1 - Thanks for bearing with us. Can you provide some examples of these Events that let you look at the order of other Events?

I couldn’t find any Events that allow this to happen but I did find a Stranger Card (The Seer) that did allow for some manipulation of the Event Deck. If using the table and you encounter cards such as this, they would be rolled in secret and then the results rolled would be the next however many (in the case of The Seer, three results) results on the regional table.

2 - Yup, Dinner Plans is meant to be there.

3 - I don’t know but someone in the community might!