Some mistakes found in Astoundingly awesome tales #1

In the scenario 1.2, the deployment map has only one blue edge, but the set-up says any edge for the Heroic survivor (in other deployment maps, when it says any edge, all the edges are coloured).
Also, the curated wasteland has an item named ‘Fragile’, I suppose it is Fragile bobby-pin, but in that case the item table would have a missing line.

In the scenario 4.3, is the contestant unit table missing some Outlaw units? It seems the 2nd Raider and the 2nd Scavver could be Raider outlaw and Scavver outlaw.
The contestant items table has a .45 Revolver.
Also, the stranger cards table in this scenario has a line named ‘Gunner’ and another named ‘Deserter’, these cards don’t exist, should it be ‘Gunners deserter’? If so, it would leave a blank line.
The creature cards table should say Starving stunted Yao Guai instead of Starving Yao Guai.

In the scenario 5.1, the Curated wasteland description seems wrong (it uses the same description as the previous scenario).
Also, the Creature cards table has a creature card named Playful mongrel (or any card named Playful anything) wich I cannot find, do you mean Opportunist mongrel?

In the pre war military base regional table, the Starving yao guai creature card should say Starving stunted yao guai.
In the scrapyard regional table, the 20 item is Cigar box, but that card does not exist yet, and the 3-4 event card is Soft ground, do you mean Solid ground? Also, the 13-15 creature card is Playful mongrel, wich card is that one? I don’t find it.

In the background tables section, I think all tables have a typo, they use a Lightning symbol for the Green die (it does not exist), but it should be the Damage symbol

Hey @DK-dark

  • Scenario 1.2 deployment map should have each board edge marked in blue. ‘Fragile’ and ‘Bobby Pin’ should be merged into the same part of the Curated Wasteland table. Remove the resultant empty blank space.
  • Scenario 4.3 - Replace the fourth and sixth results on the Contestant Units with ‘Raider Outlaw’ and ‘Scavver Outlaw’ respectively. Replace ‘.45 Revolver’ with ‘.44 Revolver.’ Replace ‘Gunner’ with ‘Gunner’ with ‘Gunners Deserter’. Remove the resultant empty space. Replace ‘Starving Yao Guai’ with ‘Starving Stunted Yao Guai’.
  • Scenario 5.1 - Replace the Curated Wasteland description with ‘The Curated Wasteland reflects an established settlement.’. ‘Playful Mongrel’ is a Creature Card in Wave 2.
  • Scrapyard Regional Table - Replace ‘Cigar Box’ with ‘Battered Fedora’. ‘Soft Ground’ is an Event Card in Wave 4. ‘Playful Mongrel’ is a Creature Card in Wave 2.
  • Pre-War Military Base Regional Table - Replace ‘Starving Yao Guai’ under Creatures with ‘Starving Stunted Yao Guai’.

I don’t understand the issue with the Background Tables. Might just be my copy though. Could you get a picture of the issue in particular?


I will tell this to Jamie, both cards do not exist in the app.

About the background tables, you need to roll a Green die, but the symbols in the table are Nuka-cola, armor reduction and energy damage (this last symbol cannot be rolled with a Green die)


Ah yes. Found a print version. Comparing it to my copy, I can confirm that that the Energy Damage symbol on the Background Table should be the Damage Pip symbol.