Astoundingly Awesome Tales - An Unlikely Partnership

The setup of this scenario references the following cards that I cannot find in my collection or in the Full Card List PDF:

  • Item
    • Chain Dog Collar
      • Should this be Spiked Muzzle?
    • Telephone
    • Baseball Grenade
  • Creature: Alpha Wild Mongrel
    • Should this be Playful Mongrel or Inquisitive Legion Mongrel?
  • Danger: Serrated Edge
    • Should this be Jagged Edge?
  • Event: A New Presence
    • What should this be?

Also, the Items lists “Fragile” and “Bobby Pin” on separate lines but I’m assuming this should be “Fragile Bobby Pin” on one line.

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Let’s go through these one by one.

  • Chain Dog Collar
    This is a Wave 1 card. You can find it here, on the first page of card fronts for Wave 1.
  • Telephone
    Telephone came with the Behemoth. If you don’t have it, feel free to swop it with any Junk card you have.

  • Baseball Grenade
    This was in the Heroes of Sanctuary Grenade box. You can find it in this file, Wave 1 on the third page of card fronts.

  • Alpha Wild Mongrel
    This was in the Radroach Swarm box. Again, feel free to swop it for something else if you don’t have the card.

  • Serrated Edge
    This was in the BoS Core Box. Feel free to use something else if you need to.

  • A New Presence
    This was in the Super Mutant Core Box. If you need to, replace it with an Event card of your choice.

  • Replace ‘Fragile’ and ‘Bobby Pin’ entries with just one entry for ‘Fragile Bobby Pin’.



Serrated Edge exists in Wave 1, I don’t remember the box, but if you download the PDF with the full list pre-july, you can find all these cards

The BoS Core Box, I think. Prior post updated.

Thank you for the response.

Of course I realize that I can swap things out as I see fit, but I do find it easiest to run things as listed.

The confusion arrises when, having bought all the various card sets I’m aware of, I can’t find a card. Then I go look in the Full Card List PDF to see where it comes from. If I don’t see it there then I start to assume it’s a typo or errata. It seems there are a few Wave 1 products that included cards that I don’t own yet and those cards are not in the Wave 1 Fundamentals deck either.

I’ll check the individual card type PDFs going forward.

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It is because the special cards from Wave 1 have not been released yet as a pack. If you did not start to play this game early, you need to wait for that release.