Astoundingly Awesome Tales 1.1 and 1.2

Suggested forces 1.1:
Vault dweller with Combat shotgun and Baton.
Is that intended? Should it be a security guard?? (They have Combat shotgun and baton).
The Vault dweller’s card only has the pistol icon, and the models have 10mm pistols…
Suggested forces 1.2:
Sole Survivor is not Heroic, but it seems a missing line…
The rules say to build a Survivor force with an Heroic model, or use the suggested forces…
I have played with Suggested forces (an with SS Heroic), but it seems there is a missing line there

Hey @DK-dark

Suggested Forces Scenario 1.1

  • Replace the first Vault Dweller with Vault Security Officer.

Suggested Forces Scenario 1.2

  • Add the Heroic card to the Sole Survivor.

Suggested Forces Scenario 1.3

  • Add the Heroic card to the Sole Survivor.

I don’t quite understand the issue with the Vault Dweller and the 10mm Pistol. If they have the Pistol Skill, surely they can take the 10mm Pistol? Unless I am misunderstanding your statement?

Scenario 1.3 is missing this line too.

There is no issue about pistols, I was explaining they only have pistols, in their card and model

Cool. Thought I’d check. Added Scenario 1.3 to the prior comment.