Into the Wasteland Campaign Question

Playing through the To The Rescue campaign, at one point the instructions say to add 2 non-unique and 3 unique models to your force. However, the rules for updating your force say that you can only have 400 caps. Do those new models count against that 400 caps? Or is this addition only to swap or replace models that were removed in previous encounters?

I’ve taken the rules for ITW to mean that when you’re told to add, that is in addition to any existing values, but I’d be keen for an official line on it now :slight_smile:

Yeah, given that the next mission is full of super mutants, 400 points doesn’t seem like quite enough but it’s not very clear:

  • If there’s any points limit to these new additions
  • If the new models will stick with your group after the next mission
  • If this is just part of the more advanced rules that limits your squadbuilding

Bump. Would love an official answer on this.

Officially, players start scenarios 1-4 with a force of up to 400 caps, and scenario 5 with a force of up to 500 caps.

Before a scenario, players make their force from whatever survived/remained from the previous scenario (including found items), plus any models/items they are allowed to add. This allows a player to replace lost models, replace models which have injuries, change weapons, replace used items, etc. The total force picked from this pool though has a maximum of 400 caps (and 500 for the finale). It’s similar to how Settlement gives you choices to use for your force with a fixed total caps limit.

The Player Purpose for scenario 1-4 is to get across the map (rather than killing all opponents) balancing fast speed against taking time to find better equipment for the finale. Running is sometimes a good option :wink:


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: