Settlement Rule Question: Cap Rewards for Winning Losing Default Rewards and Scenario specific rewards.

In campaign Rulebook, it says a winner earns 200 caps, The lower gains 120 caps. (In Settlement section)

for the scenarios, they often have rewards listed for winning, (but usually none for losing) - Do the scenario specific rewards completely replace the default winning CAP? or in addition? I would be considered if they replaced them, a loser could get nothing (which seems unlikely)

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so no one plays settlement games? I find it hard to believe no one has thoughts on this question.

I have the same answer I gave in the FB group :slight_smile:
"I decided to play that the scenario gives you that much for winning/losing and then the Campaign rule (After a battle, the winner adds 200 Caps to their Caps total, and the loser adds 120 Caps) kicks in in addition to it.
Also, for tie, the game designer has ruled that both sides gain 200 caps.
I will still house rule that the total stays at 320 caps, so a tie will earn both sides 160 caps each.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I was hoping for others thoughts. I didn’t know if people that made the game come to these forums

The rules say modify not replace, so I would assume the scenario specific rewards are generally in addition to the usual 200/120 caps.