2 Questions about the Settlement Rules

  1. The Campaign rulebook shows how much caps you’d earn if you win or lose, but what if the game is a draw, do I then just get what I would get if I lose?

  2. The maintenance sheds can store 1 item, but can an item be discarded or sold from it to make space for another item? Or what would be the rules for that?

Presumably yes a draw counts as a loss since neither player succeeded

You choose what you store anew after each battle. You don’t choose one item and never replace it.

  1. A maintenance sheds simply allows you to retain 1 item or two boosts that you have equipped to your units. Whether you obtained the item in the battle or entered the field with it.

In our group we ruled it, that the winners split the amount of caps you getting more for a win.
so if you have 4 players in a match, and two of them have a draw and the other two lose, the both winners getting the caps for loosing, (120 basic) and +40 for winning. (because winners get 200)
winning give’s you normally +80 caps.

but that was only a short solution.

Good point. Treat a draw like a win for both players. (A few scenarios give separate objectives to players and both players may have achieved theirs, so both being viewed as winners fits those as well as being more generous). Also, everyone needs all the help they can get out there in the Wasteland… :slight_smile:

Like Power5050 mentioned, the Maintenance Sheds only let you add card(s) from the end of a battle to your next pool of cards. Maintenance Sheds don’t act as long-term storage for cards so you’ll never need to make space for another item. (The solution for long-term storage of items is something I am thinking about at the moment as the rules do not allow this at present.)

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Long term storage could be something as simple as a warehouse that you buy space in in blocks of 3 slots and requires power for each block of space you have bought. Maybe it takes a battle to dig something out of storage and get it back to working order so you don’t get to use it to replace the current function of stores. Like, in step 1 of the settlement phase you choose which items in long term storage you want to bring up, and they are added to the pool in your next settlement phase