Questions from the Campaign Book

Didn’t see these in the latest Errata and FAQ (V2), so thought to ask them here.
Couple questions about the Settlement Section in the Campaign Guide.
#1 pg19, callout box, last paragraph: The Boost card and the Counting Token representing a second Stimpak card are discarded but the player receives the Caps value of those cards. - Question is what is the cap value of a boost, or should that section be rewarded to say “receives the Caps value of the item cards” ?
#2 pg 23, settlement: an example: Then, the player uses their small Boston Bugle Magazine Rack to draw and keep 2 Boost cards of any type. Question: The Boost Structure table on the same page notes that Small Racks are Draw 1 and Keep 1 - in fact none of the racks allow you to keep 2. Is the error in the table or in the example?

In the Scenario Section
#1 pg 33 Setup: Banks - the text reads:
Players deploy their units in the set-up zone furthest from their bank - in the diagram opposite, the player using Bank A deploys in the Blue Zone, the player using B is in the Red zone.
The issue is the Blue Zone is the closest zone to Bank A in the diagram and the Red zone is the closest to Bank B. So is the diagram wrong or are the setup instructions in error?

Hi. At present, Boost cards have no cost. Either both players play with them, or neither player plays with them (although one player can use them as a handicap system). So, Boost cards have no value after a battle.

You’re right. The example is incorrect and all racks are keep 1 (and just the drawn amount can be different).

The text up until it gives the example is correct (the players use the bank furthest from their set-up zone). The example should then say ‘the player using Bank B deploys in the Blue zone, the player using A in the Red zone.’

Thanks for passing those on. I shall add them to the errata.