Into the Wasteland Hype!

Anyone else excited for Into the Wasteland?

It sounds like just the thing I’ve been wanting since F:WW came out. As much as I love the specific scenarios, one of my favourite aspects of the video games was just going out exploring and seeing what I found, and it sounds like this will replicate that. Especially the mention that, down the line, they hope to create a campaign with a large map that you discover as you go!

Having a choose your own adventure aspect also sounds awesome. As someone who usually only got to play single player even before covid, getting to have a narrative campaign without needing a DM or equivalent is something I’m really looking forward to :slightly_smiling_face:


Being cautiously optmistic here.

I too hope for more single player content, however I can’t quite imagine how this is going to work. Random generated adventures? How good is the replay value?

Though I must admit Modiphius has surprised me with their game design before, for example with the AI mode.

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That’s certainly fair, it’s not something I’ve seen another game pull off. I’ve heard good things about the choose your own adventure campaign they did for the RPG expansion though, so that’s why I’m hopeful for this one :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, we’ll have to judge it for ourselves when it comes out!

Into the Wasteland is a pretty solid product and I’m definitely glad I purchased it ASAP. Not sure why the card files are all one image = one page but it shouldn’t be too tough to reformat for printing.

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Anyone no if there are any plans to sell a printed version ? Espescially for the cards.

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No concrete plans at this time.
Its on the “possible” list but I make no promises and if we do its going to be a while out yet.


This actually motivated me to start working again. Can’t do much, because I moved and things are still getting aranged, but I’ll have something ready for next month.