Into the Wasteland

Think “Into the Wasteland” will ever be release in physical form? Has then been any discussion around that? Not having a printer causes issue. Has anyone sent the cards anywhere else to get printed?


Really hoping for a physical release, too! I bought it digitally to show interest, but won’t be able to use it until a physical release.

Jon meantioned on reddit that it will be released in physical form

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We are planning it, yes.

My hard copy of Commonwealth should be arriving soon so I can check quality, but the samples look good, so if that meets our expectations (better than New Vegas) then we will forge ahead with Into the Wasteland, Into the Vault and Homestead as physical releases in this format.


Cool thanks for the info! I am looking forward to it! “Into the Vault” and “Homestead” are new? I could not even find them in PDF format. Anyway it that sounds awesome!

Wishful thinking on this, and I probably know the answer, but any chance of discounts for those who bought the digital copy?
Also, anything to share in regards to Into the Vault and the Homestead expansions? As it is, my friend and I play a combination of FWW, Into the Wasteland and the first RPG expansion to get a seriously in-depth game. So it would be great if we knew what to expect for future releases.

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This was just the question I had in mind when I visited the forums again today. I bought the digital version of ItW when it was released and loved the possibilities, but I’m not the type to 3D-print and paper print all the resources I need for this game. I’m also not interested in using a mobile phone in place of cards. I second the interest in being able to buy a physical version of things for the game. It would be incredibly helpful as well if there were a new large well-organized book we could buy compiling all the rules released separately.

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