Expanded Firearms and Ammo Loot Tables


Me and the fellas were talking about specific firearms you’d expect to see across the wasteland but never do and even some you maybe wouldn’t expect so we came up with a little table with about 14 more small arms and 9 different ammo types. Some we didn’t include because they’re already listed on @Mortagon 's New Vegas small arms loot table and the Wasteland Necessities. Hopefully, this can spice up your game a bit, make it a little more immersive, or at least give you something to replace those doggone pipe guns with.

Expanded Ammo and Firearm tables.pdf (341.2 KB)


Well, pipe guns actually don’t seem to be needing outright replacing. Crude home-made “out of whatever spare parts and pieces found” guns logically fit into Fallout world. Canonical Fallout 4/Fallout 76 “assault rifle” - that one sure needs to be replaced.
Quote: "Much can be said about the M16 from its performance issues under stress, earning it the nickname the Jam-omatic, to the high mod-ability of the Armalite platform dubbing it Legos for men. But one thing can be said for sure of the M16, its better than nothing. "
M16s (if we cound models from M16A1 and up) are actually pretty reliable weapons. Wouldn’t be so widely copied if not (we don’t see many copies of British SA80\L85A1 for example). Vietnam war-era problems with early XM16s came from combination of factors - lack of maintenance (rifles WERE marketed as “needing less maintenance and cleaning than early-issued weapons” and “with gas tube don’t needing to be cleaned” (if correct type of gunpowder was used, however, this was quickly re-interpreted as “entire gun needs no cleaning”) and cleaning kits in adequate number were NOT issued), wrong type of gunpowder used in 5,56mm M193 early cartridges, and lack of chrome-lining in chambers (that should be there).
And of course, logically-wise an NCR-issue service rifle is much-much better that a weapon like pipe rifle.

@SgtKamarov thank you for your input!

I agree that the pipe weapons do not need replacing, they have a place and a purpose, they just tend to drive us crazy. You’re completely correct about the “assault rifle” from Fallout 4 and 76, it is cursed.

As for the M16, my intention for the “jam-omatic” comment was an attempt at humor. Though it did gain the reputation of being unreliable during the Vietnam War, when properly maintained and running decent ammo through it, the M16 is a very reliable firearm. Modern firearms of the AR platform are oftentimes extremely reliable.

I added bows and arrows to my loot tables, that one was obvious. Next we have double barreled shotguns, the poison dart gun from F03, maybe way more .22 weapons. I’m not sure, but I do think there’s loads of room for additional weapons in the loot pools.