Mr Salmon's Weapon Reference Card Builder - Including all base game weapons and all mods!

The site can be found here: Mr Salmon's Fallout 2d20 Weapon Customizer

I’ve put a lot of effort into this project, to create reference cards for Fallout containing all the rules you need to bring out any weapon you’d like at the table, without the players scrambling for the book to look up exactly how “burst” works, or what Ammo a Minigun uses!

I’m getting about 100 visitors a month, I think mostly from Reddit, so perhaps everyone who would want this has already seen it, but I still wanted to share!

I’ve also found it extremely powerful being able to show players the cards for the weapons that they see (or hear rumours of) enemies using, so that players can start creating counter strategies (not to mention salivating over future loot)

You can modify the weapons by right clicking on the cards, and selecting which mods you want to support, and can even make entirely custom weapons.

I’m incredibly proud of how these look, and how the layout dynamically updates to ensure both cards with and without a lot of text still look stunning (if I may say so myself!)

You can export them to PDF and print them at home. I went to through the effort and expense of having them professionally printed, and oh-boy was that hard work. Worth it though!

If anyone has any thoughts, requests, bugs or recommendations, please let me know!


That is… beyond amazing! I don’t have a Fallout game atm, but if I ever will, I am definitely going to use your cards.

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This is so cool!

I’m playing over Roll20 and the mods and the weapons live in very different areas in the compendium, so being about to look quickly at what mods are available is really helpful. Thanks for making this

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