Full Card reference List

Modiphius have been great by sharing the main cards as PDF’s so we can print them ourselves. But as I want to database the cards list and build a random generator for searches is there any definitive list by box set that we can have? I really need item names, type (e.g chem/melee etc), the box set they are in and quantity. Otherwise i have a few days work ahead of me typing it all up

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Is the " fallout_-full_card_list-_all_wave_1_v5.pdf" pdf (second one down on the left in the downloads section https://www.modiphius.com/fallout-downloads.html ) what you’re looking for?


Oh man, I went to the cards section and didn’t even think there would be something elsewhere. my hero have some caps.

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This link doesn’t work anymore

Yes, the new site is .net now … and I can’t put some link, but you can found it… I hope.