Map Campaign Thread

This topic will be an ongoing thread relating to an evolving fan project on playing map campaigns in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. The rules are designed for you to play in your chosen Fallout setting from Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. Using a map of your creation or an existing map (with a 16x12 grid ontop) to travel across the wasteland with your gang aligned to a faction, from solo games to a gaming group multiplayer sandbox.

I’ll be posting regular updates on the project as I improve on tweaking and adding rules to post updated versions on the thread. The latest version of the rules will be down below the topic comment thread.

Any suggestions or issues with the current version of the rules, please let me know in the comment section! Your support and suggestions will greatly improve this fan project for all to use playing Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. :grin:


Here is the first version of the fan made project titled T1.0V, which is the basic rules that I’ve written as a groundwork to evolve over time.

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Map Campagin Rules V1.0T.pdf (531.1 KB)

The only requirements to play this PDF:
■Some enemy faction miniatures for solo or AI multiplayer games (alternatively use substitute bases or tokens if you don’t have a lot of miniatures)
■A Wasteland deck
■Playing cards (optional)
■A note book to keep track of your caps
■The Campaign booklet if your playing Settlement mode
■A variety of dice including a D6, D8, D10, D12 and a D20
■F:WW Red and Blue dice.

Have fun testing out the rules!


For inspiration on what maps you could make, I used the Fallout: New Vegas map with some edits to add icon locations and filter effect. This was then printed and drawn over in a grid using a white ink pen with a ruler. Icons were coloured in using Sharpies and out of bounds coloured in black blocks.

You can use the image above if you want to use it in your games of Fallout: New Vegas on the tabletop.


For those who need some help working out how the rules play out per turn, I’ve made this step by step reference sheet. I’d recommend reading the PDf rules first, then use this reference sheet to see how the process works by turn.

[Edit: The original comment had a photo of the reftence sheet, however, I noticed some glaring issues with the quality of the image and errors in the text. I’ve adressed this by making it a PDF for you to download. This will be my last post relating to version V1.0T rules, as I build up enough feedback and data from the community testing the rules. I plan to publish version V1.0 before the end of this month implementing feedback from the community, or if there’s none yet, my own playtesting observations.]

FWW Map Campagin fan made rules step by step turn process.pdf (154.6 KB)

I hope this will be helpful for you as a reference to the Map Campaign rules! :grin:


Great news, version V1.0 is now up and updated! I’ve made few changes for the the fan made rules including some text alterations, additional rules and suggestions for location destinations. I’ve also decided to start working on the background and colour themes to make the document much more appealing visually.

This fan made version of the map campaign rules will be in current cycle going forwards as it will give everyone time to playtest the rules. If you enjoy this fan made project in your games of F:WW, your feedback will not only improve this project, but it will also assure me that there is an interest from the community to support it.

Whilst I mentioned on Instagram that the end date is the 14th of November, I might just change that to the end of the year. My window of playtesting time can be a bit too constrictive for those who may not be able to devote time to playtest. Hopefully this wil give you time to read through and see if there are any issue’s with the presentation of the PDF, the rules and questions to ask.

You can download the fan made rules below:
Fallout Wasteland Warfare Map Campagin Rules V1.0.pdf (568.6 KB)

I hope you’ll enjoy V1.0 in your map based campaign. :slight_smile:


V1.2 is now live! Yes, there isn’t a V1.1 as I had that version in the works, but got put to the side for awhile until I came back earlier this year. Oh well…

So what is V1.2? It’s a slightly more improved version of the rules with my own input on the rules. Nothing too drastic needed to be changed, only on the Wasteland Encounters section, which needed a more straight forward process.

I’ve also included some photography and a test cover. Though I may at some point change the cover to something more fitting to the theme of the PDF.

The link to the PDF is here:
Fallout map campagin V1.2.pdf (1011.1 KB)

As for what’s to come next, well I’ll be on hiatus from this project until it gains some feedback from the community for me to continue working on it. Since I havent received any feedback as of yet, I’d assume it needs more time for everyone to try out and see how it goes. I’ve kept the changes from V1.0T to V1.2 to a minimum on the core rules.

Since this thread has gained over 800+ views (I think qround 50 at least from me reading it from time to time) shows that there is some traction for this project.

For now though I’d like to take some time off and give this project some time to be used by the community. :slight_smile:


This is great, planning to do something like this but to include vehicle rules.

  1. What rule would you give to those with a vehicle? Thinking of allowing diagonal movement.
  2. How can this be compatible with Into the Wasteland/Vault? Wasteland Encounter?

Will try to integrate this to my game. Currently going to Zion Canyon to ally with the Dead Horses against the NCR, Hanlon vs. Graham II.
I am using Into the Wasteland as my way of travel.

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Awesome! For vehicles it would depend on how many a gang can take, how it functions on the tabletop and resources required to keep it moving and repaired. If your using vehicles in a map campaign, you could use a D8 instead of the red armour dice when moving across the map, since most vehicle’s would cover much longer distance than walking (that’s if all your gang members can fit into the transport).

It depends on whether you want vehicles being used realistically, or some exceptions for ease of game play. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for compatibility with official Modiphius Expansions, I’m not sure if they conflict with the fan made rules, as I currently dont have a copy of the two you’ve mentioned. I hope to get them at some point to see if I can make the fan made map campagin rules fit with the official Modiphius content.

Honest Hearts is one of my favourite Fallout DLC content! I hope the map campagin rules will be useful for your games. :grinning:

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I’m thinking of starting a campaign using the RPG rules for my kids. This seems like a good addition to add, as it’ll enable them to feel as if they’re actually travelling.

How would you go about creating a custom map, per say? I was thinking of using our home state as the setting, and doing our own thing. I know New Vegas’ map is a huge chunk of at least two states.

Anyways, I’ll try and make use of this. I’ve got about a month to go before I can do anything, as I’ve got terrain and minis to build and paint, and then characters to create, and on and on it goes.

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Sorry for the late reply, I’m not regularly on here, so I think I might be a bit late here. :sweat_smile:

If you want some guidance on how to build a setting as part of a campagin or world building narrative story, I’d recommend checking out the creation of Dinotopia (not the cartoon) by the illustrator James Gurney. He was featured in a few articles in the art magazine ImagineFX back in the early 2010’s, where he explined how he developed Dinotopia from an artistic and worldbuilding project. From maps, geography and culture, it’s a good place to start.

If your basing your games on an existing place in the real world, you could try researching what that place was like in the 50’s (since Fallout pre war was a futuristic vision from the 1950’s perspective). Consider what is the primary focal point of your setting, whether its a rebuilt city, settlment that’s on the verge of becoming an establishment like the NCR, or possibly an objective to achive

I hope that helps with your project. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all the tips, and will do! We have a shipyard that was around then, and I’m going to have it survive. The people will be the Iron Union, with the Iron Legion as the armed forces.