BoS Mojave Chapter: Squad Labradorite map campaign

This topic will be covering my experience playing my first map campaign narrative solo game. Set just after the events of the Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode story (which I’ve posted a full story PDF in a seperate post), the campaign is centered on a Brotherhood of Steel Knight named Casey, who was recently exiled for her faliure to prevent a catastrophic event.

However, the Elder will remove Knight Casey’s exile status if she and squad Labradorite complete five designated quest locations dotted around the Mojave. Each location has a specific objective to complete, once all the tasks are done, the squad will report back to the Hidden Valley Bunker and earn their rights back.

I’ll be posting each mission journey as it’s own PDF story, since each one is quite detailed as its own seperate story thats part of a big narrative series. By the end these will be made into a full PDF version depending on whether all missions were completed or the gang is ultimately destroyed…

For this campaign I’ll be using my fan made map campaign ruleset, along with some additional ongoing improvements to the rules as I work on making the next updated version.

If your interested to try out your own map campaign for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, you can download the current version of the fan made map campaign rules here:
Fallout Wasteland Warfare Map Campagin Rules V1.0.pdf (568.6 KB)


I wanted to show how I’ve managed to keep track of my gang cap pool, keeping track of the map journey and how the fan made map rules workout on the map. Spoilers for the first mission arc so far, so I wouldn’t suggest going further until I’ve posted the PDF Operation 1 mission on this post thread.


BoS Campagin Knight Casey Fallout Wasteland Warfare Gang sheet ops 1.pdf (693.1 KB)

It’s a fairly basic method, but it really really helps to be organised when doing a campaign. I’ve learnt early on this year how a lack of planning and attention to detail can make a campagin lose Its appeal, like my Caesar’s Legion Battle of Nelson campagin that went nowhere.

It’s not fun doing a load of paperwork and editing constantly to update an ongoing campaign. However, it’s a very rewarding experience when you have fun gaming and creating the narrative motivation behind the outcome of each battle. How random encounters, enemy encounters and boss battles diversify the experience for memorable moments in your story.

Despite only playing one Enemy Encounter, one marked locatiom battle, a Wasteland Encounter, buying equipment from trade, hiring Veronica as a new member of the squad and a Wasteland Encounter involving my next battle being interupted by Radscorpions. I’ve already had so much fun playing Fallout Wasteland Warfare now that my gang is travelling across the Mojave on a death sentence mission to reclaim their dignity back.

I’ll be posting the full Operation 1 mission arc very soon! :slight_smile:

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The full story for part 1 is now ready and live! This PDF covers the story from beginning to the end of operation 1.

I’ve gone for a more direct story rather than a diary format, as I think more character development and narrative pacing would work better.

Uploading: Brotherhood of Steel Squad Labradorite map campaign part 1.pdf…

Gaming wise this was a very fun experience, I’ve learned a few things along the way. A lot of work was put into this project, much more than I expected, however, I’ve had a lot of fun playing this campaign! :slight_smile:

Part 2 may come sooner as the journey takes a very wild turn of events. A slight spoiler: a Deathclaw takes the opportunity to hunt down the weak.

I hope everyone enjoys the story for part 1! :slight_smile:


If you haven’t read my PDF story for part 1, do not go further as there will be spoilers ahead.

Since making my squad sheet and edited a living map that tracks my gangs journey, I’ve made several changes to improve my experience for the map campaign.

BoS Campaign Knight Casey Fallout Wasteland Warfare Gang sheet ops 2 journey.pdf (695.6 KB)

This version ends off operation 1 and begins the tracking journey of operation 2. Currently I’ve played four games since starting the campaign.


Finally, the next chapter in the ongoing Squad Labradorite story is here!

As for why it took me so long to get this finished, it’s due to editing and giving some thought into writing the story. I didn’t want to rush this campaign when creating the story based on my gaming sessions. The characters and events that take place must be given some respect in terms of an engaging and long lasting lore that will be cemented in the history of my alternative FNV timeline. Even careful consideration will not make my work immune to bad writing and plot contrived faults.

I think one of the lessons I’ve learnt in life is to slow down and assess what I’ve created. Rather than rushing as with todays culture of fast results in creative projects.

As for my fan map campagin rules, I’m currently satisfied with the current version being tested for this BoS narrative series. A few updates are needed for parts of the rules that need adjusting upon reflection.

Currently, I’ve just started my journey towards Operation 3 in Caesar’s Legion territory. In the narrative file I’ve written about 23 pages, which may not seem like a lot, but it is quite difficult keeping on track with the campaign as a game and narrative story to be told.

The attachment below is the aftermath of Operation 1 as an inbetween link towards Operation 2. This took some time to edit (as well as the upcoming part 3 and part 4 to be released not too far away) which I’m happy now that it’s finally ready to be released in this ongoing narrative project.

I hope you’ll enjoy this thrilling and memorable chapter! :slightly_smiling_face:

Brotherhood of Steel Squad Labradorite map campaign part 2.pdf (108.0 KB)


This is all pretty awesome. How would you go about doing a map for a setting that isn’t done in a game?

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This is the final, full story, of this campagin which took nearly a year to complete for just a few weeks of gaming, and months of editing the story. It was quite an adventure testing out the map campaign rules into practice, and seeing how my games of F:WW influenced the events of this story.

That’s two campaign’s finished within nearly three years. It’s quite a challenge to do all of this just for a 25 page PDF thats basically a short story for a reading in a day. But its slowly building an alternative setting I’m creating towards the inveitable Second Battle at Hoover Dam.

Its not a perfect story, nor is it a replacement of the lore of Fallout: New Vegas. It’s just my interpretation of events from playing games set in the Mojave Wasteland. I felt that this final version is the best of my abilities so far, and I will continue to improve my creative writing in future installments.

For now, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I had playing it through to the end.

BoS campagin the full story.pdf (692.3 KB)

I’ll be back again with the third and final campagin for the first trilogy. Who will be the spotlight faction? Where will it take place?

Those questions will be answered next month as I reveal the next chapter in this alternative story. :slightly_smiling_face: