Col.Hertford’s Wasteland Adventurers

Hi all, this will be where I log my journey into the wasteland. This will be painting and building terrain. Currently I’m waiting for my main order to arrive, but I have three box sets to be getting on with.

I started on my first model, as I have been playing Brotherhood of Steel since 1987, seems a fitting choice. And brotherhood in power armour is amazing :wink: (just wish it was a T-51)

Base still needs finishing, but the model is done. Once the base is down I’ll add better pictures.

War, the hobby war never changes…

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nice work dude, i like the yellow banding on the laser rifle just gives it that much more connection the games


Got to agree with Decanus here. First thing I noticed was “Wow, there’s even the little yellow bands on the gun!” Love it.

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