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New to the forum

Hi there, new to the forum so thought I’d share a pic.20181009_215928|375x500

Welcome aboard, fellow wasteland traveler!

Wecome to the forum. Have fun and share. BTW, I’m unable to see the picture you uploaded.

Same here that links not working for me.

But welcome to the forum mate!

Welcome to the new addiction!

Sorry guys I’m new to forums as well. I will try again.


There we go a BoS Knight Patrol and Cait that I painted

Very nice! Cait is one of my favorites in the game.

Excellent work!!

Btw - for anyone new to painting that is looking at these pictures, a grip like the one pictured above has been hands down the best money I have yet to spend on painting. 10/10 - Would recommend.

Awesome job especially on the bricks on that base! Looks great!

thanks fellow wastelanders these models are a joy to paint!

I’m new here too. I was wondering if there is a collection checklist. Whether official or unofficial. I have a ton of expansions and don’t want to repurchase anything.


Welcome to the community!