Resin set bonus

So I just got an email…

"Hi there, you’re receiving this because you ordered one of the Resin Two Player Starter Sets. I’m just writing an update for the general mailing list but wanted to let you know that you’ll be getting a little extra bonus for the delays. We’re giving you a full version of the PVC starter set along with the Resin upgrade so you’ll have all the extra miniatures in PVC including the Deathclaw! I hope this partly makes up for the delays in waiting for this awesome game. "

It’s an extremely nice gesture but I have to admit that I really don’t want it. I went with the resin version because I didn’t want the PVC stuff. I don’t really need the PVC Deathclaw because I’ve also ordered the creature pack.

Truthfully, I’d much rather get a resin version of the alien or a little bit of store credit.

I don’t mean to be ungrateful and it is great they are doing this. But I really don’t want it. I’ll probably just give all these figures to the first friend that shows the slightest interest in the game.


I’m guessing you ordered the Complete Package? Their general email from earlier today alluded to complete package orders receiving an additional separate email also, I guess this answers what that was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I received a similar message earlier today (Without mention of any upgrade models. Modiphius, if you’re reading this, I placed six orders large enough to get a Nuka Girl, including the complete bundle and one each of the faction bundles, plus a couple of other orders. (Most of those orders had other stuff tacked onto them as well) If you really want to make me happy? Toss an extra Alien into each of my orders, or an extra package or two of bottlecaps. I could forgive a lot for either. :wink: ) For the message I received, they mentioned the two of my orders which include the scenic bundle and that the vehicle was what is hanging things up right now. They didn’t mention my other two orders.

That said, while I’d have loved to receive this kind of message nearly a month ago when the problems started rather than when they were nearly resolved, I have to give them credit for coming out and explaining what is going on in detail.

In the end, no matter how frustrated some of us might be, it’s because we’re so excited about the game. My hope is that this becomes a learning experience for them and that future waves are handled with a bit more finesse.

The message I received:
Hi there, you’re receiving this because you ordered one of the awesome Vault-Tec Complete Package Bundles. I’m just writing an update for the general mailing list but wanted to write to you directly and apologise for the slow pace of the shipments. It’s really disappointing to create such a buzz and see things get so delayed. You’ve made a big investment in the range and I want to make sure you get your product as soon as possible. The various creatures and robots have been particularly slow and Wasteland Starter Scenic sets more so - remember you’re due to get two off the Scenic sets in your bundle.

As I don’t want to you to wait any longer I took the decision to split your order at our cost. So we’re going to start shipping your Vault Tec Bundles without the Scenic Sets starting this week, then we’re going to do a separate shipment of Starter Scenic sets for you when they’ve arrived in enough numbers to fulfil the Vault-Tec bundles. I would expect the first of your two shipments to start leaving on Friday and then probably completing early next week. The Scenic Sets should be with us in enough numbers towards the end of next week and in to the week after so they won’t be far behind.

Again sorry for the long delay on this and I really appreciate your long patience. We’re working on ways of reducing these delays for future waves. We’ll share news of that later on but for now I just want you to know our plans to get you at least the rest of your order asap.

Here’s more info from today’s update:


We’ve updated the Downloads page again with:

AI Mode - New rules and advice for getting the most out of your AI games with three new scenarios!

A full card list for everything in Wave 1

We’ve also organised the Downloads better as it wasn’t clear that the Force lists for the factions were specifically for Battle Mode. Use the Items and Points cost Pdf for all other modes.



This week we’ve taken delivery of a huge amount of the outstanding resin expansions for those tricky sets - the Rad Roaches, Feral Ghouls, Assaultrons, Protectrons & Eyebot, Sentry Bots, Robot Core Boxes, Heavy Consoles, Vault Tec Supplies and Turrets.

We’re still due to get Rad Scorpions, Deathclaws, more Robots Core boxes, Creature Core Sets, Nuka Cola Machines, Radioactive Containers, and Terminals in the next couple of days. Finally the outstanding sets, the main Wasteland Starter Scenic Sets start arriving on Monday. The problematic model has been the car, wonderful as it is, the factory currently have two hundred, yes 200 moulds running producing the car and it’s taken a long time to get those moulds produced and running correctly. As a mould only lasts for about 50 uses that’s a lot of new moulds that need making just for the model alone. We’re already looking at new ways of making larger items for future waves so the factory can focus on producing the main faction sets in volume and reduce delays.

This week we aim to get as many of the outstanding orders out from the March 1st cutoff that were waiting on the assorted sets that arrived this week. That includes those with resin starter sets. There is now new stock arriving every 2-3 days across the whole range so there will be rolling waves of shipments and we hope to get to the orders placed since March 1st very soon.

Thanks - and if you have any questions please let me know,


And that’s that.

To Modiphius:
It’s obvious from the way you’ve shared different elements of the game with us, and the way you’ve talked with those who have invested in the game that you love the setting and the game every bit as much as most of the fans do. It’s equally obvious that in your enthusiasm that you mucked up the rollout for the whole thing pretty badly.

The addition of the extra Alien model for preorder people in addition to what was already promised is a really nice touch, and very much appreciated.

A little piece of advice moving forward: I make my living as an indie video game developer, and through hard earned experience, I’ve learned that the best policy with anything is to put the information out there. Don’t wait to see what happens, as soon as a potential problem is on the horizon, put it out there. If you know there’s a hang up somewhere, talk to us about it even if it’s likely to be resolved BEFORE it will be a big issue. Explain what is going on and what you’re planning to do about it. People appreciate that kind of openness.

A really good example of doing it right is exactly what you did above in your letter to me, only a month ago when you knew it was coming. Or when you did the blog post showing the PVC vs Resin models and broke down potential issues while showing off product (People eat that kind of stuff up.)

Between all of my orders, I should have a total of eight Deathclaws coming. I plan to keep four of them. Three I intend to paint as traditional Deathclaws, One I want to paint as a Glowing Deathclaw. Of the other four, one goes to a friend who wanted one of my extra starters, and the rest I plan to give to members of my gaming group. I’ll be giving away a set of Assaultrons, extra Nuka Girls will be gifts. You should have little trouble finding an extra Deathclaw a home, even if it means posting it on ebay or amazon. Best of luck finding your model a good home.

I’ve purchased the entire set while things were still in pre order but haven’t gotten any kind of communication. Am i missing on some sort of mailing list?

I paid for the resin upgrade. I was bothered that I wasn’t getting a Deathclaw in my starter set, since I was paying $30 more for the resin and then losing the Deathclaw in the deal. I’m glad I’m receiving the PVC miniatures and the alien as a bonus for being patient.
An interesting twist to my order, I actually ordered more items than the Vault Dweller bundle, except I forgot to order the Super Mutant Hammer and the Behemoth. I ordered the Wasteland Creatures, the Robots, and a few other sets with my BOS bundle and the other faction boxes.
It’s about time a company rewarded our patience.

If you’ve not received an email, please contact and ask about it.

You should get a resin alien with your order.

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There will be a resin alien?! Okay that news just made my day. :joy:

I believe this is just for those that ordered the complete bundle and also upgraded to a resin starter. I went in on the Vault Dweller bundle and upgraded to resin and didn’t receive any such notice.
I have heard that the upgrade does not include the Deathclaw but the Modiphius shop lists it as a part of the resin upgrade… maybe that’s an error on the website.

The resin starter does not include the deathclaw. The plastic starter does.

Does the vault tech set include a resin alien, or is is just a special one for technogoblin?
Also, thanks for keeping up the communication, even when we are prickly

All the pre-order starter sets have the resin alien in them.
You guys don’t bother me, you’re frustrated and I get it. I’m right there with you. Waiting on a Vault Tec bundle myself. Besides after 9 years in the Army, 8 years teaching and 7 years doing tech support for a major online provider, I’m kind of hard to rile.


I also thought that the Alien :alien: was PVC not resin, is Nuka Girl resin as well?

Ok guys, I’ve just been informed that I was wrong. The alien is only being made in plastic, not resin. Sorry, please forgive your humble servant’s transgression. On a brighter note, I have been informed by a very reliable source that Nuka Cola Girl is resin.


Not a problem mate, thanks for being upfront about it.
Weird question, do you know of there are any plans for a source book with all items and cards from wave one in it? Sort of like a games workshop codex; containing faction rules, abilities, item descriptions, maybe even a few new missions for variety.
One reason I’m asking is that I’m concerned about losing an item card, as I dont think you can find them online or order replacements

I don’t know if one is planned currently, but give me a wee bit if time and I’ll ask the powers that be.

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There will be a deluxe rulebook down the line but no immediate plans


Very nice. It would be nice to see a full rulebook available every few waves. Keep all the rules and such in one place that way. :smiley:

It won’t be soon.

Nothing wrong with that. Wait until you guys have a few waves of miniatures under your belt. Most of the current stuff is going to be covered in the core book for now. Down the road when we have to reference a dozen different rules expansions it might get to be a bit of an issue though. :wink: