Shipping update from Chris

Hi everyone more stocks needed for priority orders arrived as planned today, and the warehouse has been shipping out orders. Confirmation emails are triggered after about 24 hours when the first depot receives them so you know it’s already a day in to it’s journey. I’ll be posting tomorrow roughly how many orders have been shipping and how many left to ship so you have a sense of how it’s actually going. We’ve been pushing to get stocks in for orders since March 2nd as well so don’t worry we haven’t forgotten everyone else.


Does that include orders with the creature set?

Or Robot sets and Resin Starters as well?

Hi what does priority orders mean? Was this a shipping option? I though this was to be shipped in date of order sequence?

Priority orders were those orders placed before the origional cut off date.

Many thanks for the response, I believe my order was in the original period which I think ended mid March. I also just found saw a few key mails hit my spam :man_facepalming:. should really clear it out more…

Hey mate, I’m from Australia and I preordered from my local games shop back in May and have just been told by them that they don’t expect to receive anything until October 5th. Yet I’m lead to believe that games shops in U.K. And U.S have stock on the shelf.

Just wondering why poor ol Australia is being left out of the mix!?

Also, just wanted to confirm that we will still be receiving the Alien Zetan as a pre order bonus.

All tha aside, I understand the big task you have at hand so keep up the good work.



I still haven’t seen any in the US west coast area.

Any idea when product will arrive with US distributors ACD and Alliance? My FLGS didn’t order direct from Modipheus and is waiting on pre-orders placed with our distributors.

Not sure, my lgs orders from both and is expected to have product on the shelf this week. The war store and mini market had product last week, with warstore having stuff last Tuesday.

I know they said that we would have everything set as a priority order out by today, then an email that said that it would be Wednesday. Now we are learning that in reality there was yet another delay because not enough product was made. This is the stuff that is ■■■■■■■ me off. Tell the truth, stop making up lies and stop blaming everyone else. The fault is squarely on the shoulders of Chris and modiphius.

They’re here now! Hooray! I’m happy they’re reaching stores now - I’m sure Modipheus is working on getting a second wave ready. I hope this game has some staying power.

They need to focus on their current wave. I am guess that because it is about 7pm their time and all is quite on the forum that modiphius failed again at meeting another deadline and Chris is working on who to blame and what lie to form.

I understand that waiting is frustrating because i am in the same case and i find too that it didn’t work well for the moment( even if i still have the faith :stuck_out_tongue: ). But you may think about those who are just looking for news, for them it is a bit annoying to have to read the same two or three ones “crying” (i don’t find a good word with my bad english) day after day when they are just looking for news.
So let’s go smiling just like the song :grinning: and wait for the so waited expedition mail.


They are not giving us news, they are telling us stuff like “hey the shippers did their best, but there is just a few order they did not get too.” Then a week later we find out that the shippers are waiting on product. What is happening is modiphius knew the shipper ran out of stuff to ship and are making statement to buy time. If you do not understand that what they have been telling us is not news, then the fault is on you.

Patients went away when people that ordered stuff last week from an online vendor and have stuff now, and we are over two weeks past the promise all orders made pre-march 1 would be out.

I have 2 different orders that were made before the deadline. Neither were vault packs so they are a low priority. I really don’t expect to see them this year with how things are going.

In the other hand, the core faction sets and Red Rocket have shipped from Miniature Market. At least I will have that stuff ready to go.

It’s frustrating but I’ve seem a lot worse on Kickstarter.

Given my history with pre-ordering games I am actually expecting all of my orders to be completely forgotten and never sent to me … lol
I have made 5 orders for different FWW packs with the first one in October 2017 being the Super Mutant Starter Bundle so I am sitting here with my fingers crossed that I hear something about them soon .
Of course IF my orders actually get to me without problems I will be quite surprised and very happy … but my history with orders for games from different companies being misplaced or just forgotten would make even the most positive person shiver…lol

I got a message from a Lloyd after I posted about the website contact issue, and he said they are waiting on more robot box set that should come in this week.

Does this include the scenery sets for those of us that received our Vault Tech packages without such?

I think I read it on boardgame geek that it was going to be two to three weeks before those are done and start shipping.