Shipping Update

Quick shipping update from Chris:

Hi all I’ll be emailing everyone but here’s an update on shipping.

The warehouse has completed all but about 100 of the orders that they can ship. That’s all orders inside Europe or DHL orders worldwide. The last 100 orders are in the process of being picked or packed so should ship out in the next couple of days.

We have a few hundred orders which selected Tracked or untracked airmail (you might have seen it called OCS in the checkout).

For those in North America we’re planning to ship those orders from our US warehouse however it means uploading the data to them, seeing which of the resin items (which normally wouldn’t ship to that warehouse as it’s only used for distributor orders) they need, then we need to airfreight the missing stock over so they can pick pack and ship. We think this process will take about a week to get the stock out to the US, they’ll then need about a week to work through the orders, we’ll keep you updated of course.

For other global destinations (Not EU, Not North America) please be patient as we explore other possible routes to get your order out.

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Thank you for the update! I’m very excited to get my hands on the first round of minis!

Will you be releasing the scenery, tokens, and next wave to the local game stores soon?

Thanks again!

Scenery and tokens are going to web only items, although your FLGS can order them from us direct.

The next release should be available later in July. We’re still getting despatch back up to speed and manufacturing is also disrupted, which has messed with our release schedule a bit.

When do you think stores like minimarket .com will have copies to ship to customers? Thanks in advance.

Also any chance of you guys selling an stl version of the componets in the starter set?