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Chapter 1 Card Pack Update - Delay to US Shipping

Hello all. We have had an update on the shipping for the US deliveries of the Chapter 1 Card packs and it looks like they will be delayed getting into distribution.

I’ve previously mentioned that we knew there were issues that could lead to a delay and we’ve had it confirmed that a change of destination port is required and that there were loading delays at the departure port as well. This also means changing our on-shipping plans to get the stock to our distribution partners. There’s still a lot of turmoil in global shipping at the moment, so things are still in a little flux.

I’ll confirm a revised ETA as soon as we have it, but our best estimate right now is that the card packs should be in distribution in the US in mid-November. Transit time from the distributor to FLGS is, as ever, at the whim of your store’s ordering schedules, order placement systems and their delivery schedules, which are outside our control.

The UK leg of the trip is still all on schedule at the moment, so pre-orders from Modiphius should still ship out the end of the month as expected. Likewise the figure packs are also unaffected so they should also be available from the end of the month as expected.

Hi all. We have been advised that our UK (and thus EU) shipment of the Chapter 1 card packs is,as we feared, going to be delayed.

We have been advised that it is not going to be offloaded from the ship until at least 29th October, due to congestion at the port. It then has to pass customs and get shipped to the distributors, who will then process and send out any pre-orders and start shipping to retail.

Best estimate at the moment is now that both UK and US shipments will be with distribution in at least a couple of weeks.

Not the update I had wanted to be giving you, but we are, unfortunately, in a world of very disrupted global logistics. I’ll pass on any further news as we get it.