Untracked Shipping

More of a curiosity question than anything - is there any update on the untracked shipping to the “rest of the world” at alll? I imagine there’s probably still a bit of a backlog but I’ve been getting some TTCombat and assorted other products (I’m US) untracked the past couple of weeks so thought I’d check in. I’m only waiting on a ranger and Mechanist so nothing too hot (until the mirelurks start shipping :smiley: ) but was also planning on ordering the newest Brotherhood and Vault Dwellers in a couple of weeks as well.

I just received my untracked Event Special: Stealth Boy Coursers from a May 1st order today here in the US. It was sent through a partner company in Germany, which they are temporarily using for untracked shipping. Hopefully, this backlog is finally reduced before the Mirelurks are due to ship next month.

I thought the Mirelurks shipped at the end of this month?

For what it’s worth, it seems like most of the overseas orders I have made recently have been coming quicker again. It’s still a little slower than usual, but so long as orders are getting filled, I would assume they will arrive promptly.

Mirelurks were pushed back until mid to late next month

Just a quick update on the original topic…

I placed an order with Modiphius for untracked to the US on March 25th, just got here today (7/21). My account still lists the order as “unfulfilled” so I guess watching that won’t help indicate when its on its way.

Hang in there, they’re catching us up!

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I placed an order a couple days ago and it shipped within a day so I think they’re back at normal capacity. This was after waiting almost two months for the item to get re-stocked here in the states. When someone finally got a used copy they tried charging $65 for a $25 book that was published last year! Even with the high shipping cost, it was cheaper to order direct from Modiphius.

Yeah, I just received the stuff from above over the weekend, after it sat in New York almost two weeks. Routing went through Germany so I assume Big Mo is having an easier time doing things that way, but either way, it means it’s time to order more stuff.