Preorder shipping Update Email

I’m reading various people online stating they received an email from Modiphius saying their Fallout preorders will ship July 16th. and that it would have been before then but the dice are shipping from China and got held up in overseas shipping. Is this true/accurate?

Why didn’t I get this email? I did the Table Bundle.

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I got the mail.

I have not gotten the email either and also did the Table Bundle.

My last email from them was June 11. Nothing in the spam folder either.

I got the email as well, saying that they would start shipping pre-orders on July 16, and that it would take about 2 weeks to get them all out.

I got a new mail today:

"Hi there here is an update on the Fallout 2d20 RPG pre-orders.

Thankfully the dice have arrived from China but we’ve been having issues getting trucking for the GM Toolkits out of Poland from the printers, this is now resolved but they won’t be here until later next week. The GECK special editions are just waiting on the Toolkits to finish packing so that means they will take a bit longer too.

Unfortunately, our warehouse has also been hit with a case of Covid and so many staff are now having to self isolate. There is a small team continuing to process orders but it’s going to slow down the speed at which they are completed.

We’re going to start with the orders including just the corebook and dice whilst we wait for the Toolkits so any orders which just included those will start shipping from Friday. Once the Toolkits arrive the warehouse will then include any orders with those, and that will give time for our team to pack the GECKS and finally the big bundles will ship out.

Due to the reduced capacity in the warehouse, it may take several weeks to ship all the pre-orders and we’re holding off launching in retail until this process is complete. We’ll update you on progress and thanks for your patience.

If you have any concerns or need to alert us to a change of address since you pre-ordered, please contact"

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